Jun 27, 2010

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Our photos are turning out exactly how we wanted them! Heather from House of James was our photographer, . She is also H.Smith here on PW. All of these photos were taken by her.

Pro Pic Teasers photo 1

Pro Pic Teasers photo 2

Pro Pic Teasers photo 3

Pro Pic Teasers photo 4

Pro Pic Teasers photo 5

Pro Pic Teasers photo 6

Pro Pic Teasers photo 7

Pro Pic Teasers photo 8

Pro Pic Teasers photo 9

Pro Pic Teasers photo 10

Pro Pic Teasers photo 11

Pro Pic Teasers photo 12

Pro Pic Teasers photo 13

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Here are some pictures that were taken at our wedding! The first three were taken by a 4 year old! The little photographer is in the fourth picture with his uncle (dh).

Non Pros photo 1Non Pros photo 2Non Pros photo 3Non Pros photo 4



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Our day turned out perfectly! I am so happy with the way everything turned out. Chris and I decided to stay together the night before the wedding. We didn't originally plan it that way but I'm glad that we did. He helped me pack things up for the venue and gave me a kiss goodbye the next time I saw him was when he was waiting at the altar for me!

Getting Ready

10 AM- My mom and I arrived at the Wolf Creek Inn. We started setting up the centerpieces, favors, and guest books. We found out that we were one centerpiece short. Luckily my mom had extra flowers and vases and Chris hadn't left town yet. He brought the vase when he arrived.

11 AM I started bringing my things to the room that I was supposed to get ready in, which was also our room for the evening, The Clark Gable Suite.

11:30 AM Cameron and Kelly arrived. Cameron started working on my hair right away!

12 PM Heather, our photographer arrived. Some family started arriving at this time as well.

12:30 PM Chris had his little nephew bring me a wedding day gift. A beautiful set of pearl earrings and a necklace.

1 PM hair was set, and I started working on my makeup. While my hair was setting Cameron styled my mom's hair.

1:30 PM Cameron started styling my hair. Around 1:50 PM I started to get worried because it was almost time to walk down the aisle. Cameron stated "What were you planning on being the only bride that was ever on time?" Which made me laugh and forget about it.

2 PM I started getting dressed.


2:10 PM Dad came to the suite to walk me down the aisle. We found the door to walk out. I opened it and we saw all of our family sitting there and Chris started to walk up the aisle, he had his back turned waiting for someone to give him the signal to start walking. My dad helped me straighten out my train and then we proceeded down the aisle. Which it felt like I practically ran down it. I got up there and I was so happy to see Chris. He looked great. Our ceremony was not very long but very sweet and what we wanted. My brother read a reading from James Kavanaugh. Chris and I read our own vows. Chris's were the sweetest and so heartfelt. We had our first kiss and then we walked back down the aisle a married couple!


After we walked down the aisle we didn't know where to go so we turned around and shrugged at our family. They all came to tell us congratulations. We were supposed to take pictures right after the ceremony but decided to have everyone eat first. I got a small plate and didn't really eat at all. I was too busy walking around and talking to everyone. Chris didn't eat at all because he had been nervous. Instead he just drank some beer. People mingled, put their fingerprint on our fingerprint tree, and ate our mini pie favors. After everyone finished eating, we had people gather for the traditional group photos. Chris's family was getting ready to leave around this time so we decided to do our first dance and cut the cake.

First Dance and Father Daughter Dance

Chris and I are not dancers at all! While at the reception we almost decided not to do the dance. Chris kept saying, "I'm done". We danced to about half of the song and then called it quits. My dad and I danced to about 30 seconds of the song and decided to be done as well.

Cake Cutting

We did our cake cutting at around 4 pm. It was quick, a few people said some toasts. After this Chris's family left. This was around 4:45 pm. Most people started to trickle out and Chris started to take everything to our rooms. It was finally time to do our photos with just Chris and I. We started our photos around 5:30 pm and finished around 6:30 pm. Heather had some great ideas, and her teaser pics look amazing!

Settling in for the Evening

After our photos Chris and I went to the room and sat down and rested for a little while. We then went down stairs and had dinner at the Inn. I had sauteed shrimp and Chris had a turkey dinner. Afterward we went back to our room...and well you know the rest.

The Next Morning

We woke up and had breakfast at the Inn and just relaxed. It was a very peaceful morning. We didn't want to leave the Inn! It was so beautiful there. Then we drove back to our apartment. Later that day we turned in our marriage license!

Some Funny Moments

When Heather went to photograph Chris and my dad getting ready, my dad came out of the bathroom saying "where are my pants? I can't find my pants!" Heather then said, "Aren't you wearing them?" He was, hehe! Doing a super hero pose with my two brothers. They always do this in every picture I take with them so I joined them this time. Cameron loved the pie favors so much she had to take home as many as she could!


The wedding went perfectly, I couldn't have imagined a more perfect wedding for us. When I looked at weddings for inspiration I used to say, "That is how I want my wedding to look!" Now when I look at weddings I think "That is a beautiful wedding! However, I loved ours for us and I wouldn't trade it." While I was getting ready I started to get really nervous. When my dad showed up to walk me down the aisle, I felt much calmer. Then when we got outside and I saw Chris I was excited. While we were standing up there listening to the ceremony and listening to Chris's vows, a sudden wave washed over me and I felt so content. I knew that I had made the right decision to marry Chris and that I would not want to be standing there with anyone else but him. He is the most amazing man and I am so lucky to have married him!

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Hi everyone, I'd like to keep my profile and planning private, but if you'd like to see my planning just send me a friend invite! :)

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I purchased this dress at the end of 2007. It is by Da Vinci Bridal and is a size 8. It is in the champagne/gold color. It has been kept in its garment bag the whole time except for the few times it was taken out to try on. It would need to be steamed to get the wrinkles out as it was wrinkled when it was shipped to the salon. It is a very beautiful dress but I decided to go in a different direction and purchase a different dress.

I am asking $300 plus shipping.

Dress for Sale photo 1Dress for Sale photo 2