Jun 12, 2009

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How We Met:
We meet January 19th 2007 at the Sportmans Fishing Expo here in Sacramento. Lisa was working at one of the fishing booth and Jeren was working outside at the rock crawling demo. The show was 3 days long. One the first day, Lisa happen to walk by just as Jeren was demonstrating how to crawl his Jeep across the bolders. We met and ended up talking every day. On the last day of the show Jeren asked Lisa to go out to eat after the show...the rest is history!
How We Got Engaged:
One year later, we both decided to work the Sportmans Expo again. On the second day of the the show Jeren asked Lisa to demonstrate a girl driving the Jeep through the rock pit. Little did she know that Jeren had the whole crowd of a few hundred people in on his proposal plan. After driving for a few minutes, Jeren told Lisa to stop and get out of the Jeep. When she got out, Lisa found Jeren down on one knee with a ring in his hand. It was a perfect proposal! Here it is step-by-step!
My Dad took all of these pictures and we have some video too...he is amazing, I am so glad he was here to capture the moment!
Lisa Jeren photo 1Lisa Jeren photo 2Lisa Jeren photo 3Lisa Jeren photo 4Lisa Jeren photo 5Lisa Jeren photo 6Lisa Jeren photo 7Lisa Jeren photo 8Lisa Jeren photo 9Lisa Jeren photo 10Lisa Jeren photo 11Lisa Jeren photo 12Lisa Jeren photo 13