Apr 10, 2010

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OuR WeDinG CoLorS photo 1OuR WeDinG CoLorS photo 2OuR WeDinG CoLorS photo 3OuR WeDinG CoLorS photo 4


Teal, Orange, Mocha and Ivory!

Color swatches are courtesy of :)


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Okay, so we really weren't obsessively picky about our monogram...thankfully this was the EASIEST thing to decide on! Our wedding colors are orange, teal, ivory and mocha. Our aisle runner will be adorned with orange rose petals to set off the look! I cannot wait for everything to come together!!!


Our Monogram photo 1

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There are several sections of my bio that I have decided to make inaccessible to everyone for privacy

reasons and so that our family members and friends can be surprised about some of the events and

 activities we have planned for them in Aruba for our wedding. Please request me as a friend to view

my entire bio and I also ask that you be an active PW member as well :-) Thank you and happy


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My first and probably ONLY DIY!!!! Ok...I'll be honest. I am not the craftiest person around. I mean I was a brownie AND a girl scout but I must admit that my mom helped me with most of my school projects  I however, will say that PW has inspired me beyond what I could have ever imagined. I decided to embark on this task on making my own "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" cards after viewing another PW bride's bio. Mine are very different yet the only similarity is the dress design on the front. I found poem off the internet...tweaked the words so that they were more personalized for each of my dear friends whom I asked and VOILA. I am pretty darn proud of myself considering how LONG it took to make these!!! Patience is a virtue :-)


Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 1Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 2

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SHOES Which ones should I get photo 1

SHOES Which ones should I get photo 2

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* Ceremony Venue
* Reception Venue
* Caterer
* Dress:
* Photographer :  Joelle Susan
* Videographer
* Makeup + Hair
* DJ/Band
* MOH/Bridesmaid dresses:
* Flowers: Roses & Calla Liliies (Orange and Ivory)
* Invitations
* Veil

* Cake
* Honeymoon: Aruba

* Groomsmen's attire/Accessories
* My Shoes
* My Accessories
* Guestbook -

*Order Save the Dates

*Mail Save the Dates

Order Invitations

Mail Invitations

* Ceremony programs


*Groomsman Gifts

*Bridesmaids Gifts
* Favors
* Table cards
* Menus
* Placecards

*Everything else!! hahaaa