Mar 21, 2010

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We recieved our first invitation design.......

We have a lot of changes....for one we are make it less pink and more black and white. We are having a more modern font utilized like in our save the date. We are changing the flourishes...and MUCH more. Here is a image of the first draft.

Invitation Take 1 photo 1

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For Makeup I want a look with an all over glow and a smoky eye. Some of my inspirations include:

Make Me Beautiful photo 1Make Me Beautiful photo 2Make Me Beautiful photo 3

Make Me Beautiful photo 4Make Me Beautiful photo 5Make Me Beautiful photo 6

For Hair, I first had my heart set on my hair down....until I found my dress. While dress shopping I realized I need to wear my hair up, it will show off my dress more and stay intact for all night dancing! Some of my inspirations include:

Make Me Beautiful photo 7Make Me Beautiful photo 8Make Me Beautiful photo 9Make Me Beautiful photo 10

Make Me Beautiful photo 11Make Me Beautiful photo 12

                                                               PWer Prismis


My hair trial

Make Me Beautiful photo 13Make Me Beautiful photo 14

Make Me Beautiful photo 15Make Me Beautiful photo 16


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Here is some inspiration that we have for our floral design/decor for the ceremony and reception.

Inspired by flowers photo 1Inspired by flowers photo 2Inspired by flowers photo 3

Inspired by flowers photo 4Inspired by flowers photo 5Inspired by flowers photo 6

Inspired by flowers photo 7Inspired by flowers photo 8

Inspired by flowers photo 9Inspired by flowers photo 10Inspired by flowers photo 11

My Bouquet Inspirations: My bouquet will be all white with different flowers and white feathers

Inspired by flowers photo 12Inspired by flowers photo 13Inspired by flowers photo 14

Inspired by flowers photo 15Inspired by flowers photo 16

PWer Kristeens Bouquet

Inspired by flowers photo 17Inspired by flowers photo 18

Bridesmaids Bouquets: The Bridesmaid bouquets will be hot pink with black feathers

Inspired by flowers photo 19Inspired by flowers photo 20Inspired by flowers photo 21

Inspired by flowers photo 22Inspired by flowers photo 23

Inspired by flowers photo 24

Pwer Kristeens


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Hi Ladies,

I have made a few things private....but if you want to see all of the secrets just ask to be my friend!


Also, if I have used any of your photos without giving you credit PLEASE let me know. I have saved a lot of photos and haven't done a good job of keeping up with where I have retrieved them.


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As mentioned we are going for a modern feel with a rock-n-roll touch. We are having our invitations custom designed, but here are a few inspirations/examples that we are going for.

Stationary Dreams photo 1Stationary Dreams photo 2Stationary Dreams photo 3

Stationary Dreams photo 4Stationary Dreams photo 5Stationary Dreams photo 6Stationary Dreams photo 7Stationary Dreams photo 8


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I found my shoes! They are the perfect mix on modern and classy. I can't wait to wear them!!

Clothing for the Tosies photo 1


Here are some at-home photos

Clothing for the Tosies photo 2Clothing for the Tosies photo 3