Sep 01, 2007

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reviews are opinions - remember that!

i have to say that i am quite disappointed in some of these wedding sites because they end up deleting the some of the most important reviews, which almost always are of experiences that are subpar (but more useful to other brides!). i realize that writing honest but negative reviews just gives the already-disappointed bride more unnecessary stress -- getting harrassed/threatened to take the review down by an "unknown" bride or a vendor affiliate, or having the review get removed because it was reported to be written by a competitor. i've seen this happen in more than one occasion (and not just on my reviews), and i think it's pretty sad. what's the point of these types of sites if the ones that count keep getting deleted? i can write a fluff review for a family friend's business and it will stay online forever, but my horrible personal experience with vendor X gets deleted within 2 months because of what? this is why i'm not too detailed in my reviews anymore. too much detail gives you (the reviewer) more trouble.

let me just say that i don't have time to make up fake stories. all of my reviews are my personal experiences. i'm sure that the vendors that did not deliver for me, probably did deliver for many others. maybe it's just bad luck, a bad day for the vendor (yes, i've had a vendor apologize for being rude because she had a bad headache), or whatever -- either way, more than one thing leads a bride to leave a negative review. everyone makes mistakes and sh!t happens. it's HOW you handle the mistake that makes the difference.

just my 2 cents.