Nov 22, 2008

Christian Oth Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
The studio and team at Christian Oth are amazing. They did a great job with my pictures, and were able to capture all of the day's moments in the best light (no pun intended) :-) Jodie Burns was my photographer, and she was amazing. Check out their website and your day will look exactly or even better than the pictures they have showcased. www.christianothstudio.com Money well spent. If there is any single thing that you should splurge on for your wedding, it should be your pictures, because after the wedding is over, that's all you're left with to trigger the memories of your day.
Services used: Photography

Fleurs De Florissima
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Fleurs De Florissima was one of the vendors associated with the Central Park Boathouse! As far as demands go, I was a very easygoing bride. I sent pictures of what I wanted for the bouquets, and for the centerpieces, I chose a design they had already done at the Boathouse. When we discussed pricing with them, we were told that it didn't matter what type of flowers we used for the centerpieces, if it was a high centerpiece it was $250, if it was low it was $150. Well, it must've mattered because I requested a specific design from their website(picture number 2 off of the BoatHouse designs), and that's not even close to what was set up on our day. On top of that: The flowers were supposed to be delivered to our hotel (the Essex House) ONE HOUR prior to the Church Ceremony. They were 45 MINUTES LATE, which delayed our departure from the Hotel and our Ceremony started 25 Minutes after its scheduled time. The worst part, the bouquets and boutonnieres were dead, and looked nothing like what I had previously discussed with them, and sent them examples of! I had specifically said no Roses for the boutonnieres, and guess what, the boutonnieres for the guys were aweful pink roses??? In Short, for the price we paid, the service we received was lacking to say the least! I do see that some of the reviews they have are possitive, but I also see that there were tons of people who had the same issues that we did, and if you want to take a chance (especially after paying top dollar), well good luck!! Not a good way to do business on their part! If you want to see examples, send me a message and I'll be glad to show you all the pictures, and even messages going back and forth with them!
Services used: Flowers