Sep 11, 2010

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so... about a month and a half ago, my FI and I had a tragedy happen in our family.  His dear mother passed away mid June.  Since then, we have been completely overwhelmed with the emotion of not having her there, and are looking for the perfect way to remember her, and include that memory in our wedding. 

So, I've been looking for a gift for my FI to include his Mom in our very special day, one that she had been looking so forward to.  Anyone have any thoughts??

And, if anyone knows any way to make it through that wedding speech without bawling my eyes out, those pointers would help out too...

We love you Cyndi!!! And miss you so very, very much!!  xoxo

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Here is the beginning of the list of things I`m sure to have for sale... if you`re interested in anything, send me a message..

Rectangolo Pocketfolds from Cards and Pockets
Colour - Rose Metallic
They have silver invitation matting on them already
I have about 100 of them.  Not sure the exact number, but it`s 100, or 1 or 2 less

Cardstock from Cards and Pockets
Colour - Pearl Metallic
I have 3 packages of 25 of them

Envelopes from Cards and Pockets
Colour - Snow White
Style - 5.25x7.25 European Flap (fits Rectangolo Pocket Folds)
I have at least 100 of them, likely more, but will sell all I have together

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so, I've been searching through all of these fun DIY projects for the wedding, and I've seen a few different brides that have done up the name hangers for their bridesmaids and themselves to hang their dresses.. so I figured I'd try my hand in it.. I think they turned out not too bad..

DIY Name Hangers photo 1

Total Cost:  ~$3.00/hanger
Total Time:  ~10 minutes/hanger

Tools Required:
Hanger of your choice
Wire - I used plumber's soldering wire, worked GREAT! Can get at any hardware store
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters


I would highly suggest writing out the name you're putting on the hanger on a piece of paper to start, good reference point.

start by wrapping one end of your wire around one side of the hanger (I suggest using hangers that have the slits cut in them to hold straps.. makes this step a lot easier!).  Leave enough space in the wire to have the name as low as you want it across the wire - I left about 4 inches.  Start bending your wire in to the shapes of the letters, using the needle nose pliers to press the tight bends together.  Unless you have a tight bend, you shouldn't need the pliers - the wire is VERY easy to bend just by hand.

When you're finished bending it into the name, take the rest of the wire and wrap around the opposite side of the hanger to hold it in place..

and just like that - you have yourself a name hanger!!

I have made 3 so far:  Juliane, Mary and Amanda.  Need to do a little touching up to Mary, was the first one that I made, which I'm sure you can see in the picture... I still have one more to make, for myself and it will have my married name on it!

Here's how mine turned out:

DIY Name Hangers photo 2  DIY Name Hangers photo 3  DIY Name Hangers photo 4

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The most important 8 people to our wedding day:  our wedding party.

My sister, MOH                                            My good friend, and working partner the day I met my FI, BM:

Our Wedding Party photo 1  Our Wedding Party photo 2

Good friend from highschool, BM:                              My friend, and co-workers daughter, our Flower Girl:
Our Wedding Party photo 3  Our Wedding Party photo 4

My FI's brother, and Best Man:                                 My FI's friend from highschool, and groomsman:

Our Wedding Party photo 5  Our Wedding Party photo 6

My FI's friend and co-worker, and groomsman:            My friend and co-workers son, and Ring Bearer:

Our Wedding Party photo 7  Our Wedding Party photo 8

My wonderful uncle, our MC

Our Wedding Party photo 9

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My FI and I have decided to have kids involved in both the ceremony and reception for our wedding.  So we thought that it might be a fun idea to make activity books to keep the kids entertained during speeches, etc at the reception.  So, I put together these little activity books to hopefully do the trick.

I made my books with Microsoft Publisher, I'm sure you could do them with any program, but I'm most familiar with that one.  I then had mine printed at a local copy shop.  You could just as easily print them at home, but I loved the professional quality that I got at the copy shop, and I received a really good deal.

I don't have a picture of the finished product, once I take one, I will post it on here.

To make your own:
Computer with Microsoft Publisher (or program of your choice)
Internet Access - to browse through hundreds of ideas
Printer (or local copy shop to do the printing)
Paper - if printing at home
Staples or Ribbon to bind the books (if printing at home)
LOTS of patience and a creative mind!!

The first thing you need to do is start brainstorming what you want in your book.  How many pages, types of activities, etc.  Keep in mind the age group of the kids you're trying to entertain.  4 year olds won't be able to do a crossword, and 12 year olds might get bored with just colouring - I tried to make a variety to entertain all of them.

Next start browsing the internet for pictures, ideas, anything that you think could fit into the book - this is by far the MOST time consuming step of the entire process!!!

Once you've found a good variety of what you like and want included in the book, start putting it together in Microsoft Publisher, I laid out each page separately.

Once you have it laid out the way you like it, it's time to start printing.  I took mine on disk to a local copy shop who did all of the printing, and binding so all I had to do was pick them up.  I had 50 of them printed (as we have 44 kids invited to the wedding) and it cost me about $60 in total.

I have my book laid out in pages of 2, totalling 20 pages.  The only ones that are single are the first and last ones, and they are the front and back covers of the book.. might be easier to understand once I get some finished pictures on here..

Here are some of the pages that I have in my book: [If you want copies of any of the pages, or all of them, send me a message and I can email them to you...]

DIY Activity Book photo 1  DIY Activity Book photo 2  DIY Activity Book photo 3

DIY Activity Book photo 4  DIY Activity Book photo 5  DIY Activity Book photo 6

DIY Activity Book photo 7  DIY Activity Book photo 8  DIY Activity Book photo 9

DIY Activity Book photo 10  DIY Activity Book photo 11  DIY Activity Book photo 12

DIY Activity Book photo 13  DIY Activity Book photo 14  DIY Activity Book photo 15

DIY Activity Book photo 16  DIY Activity Book photo 17  DIY Activity Book photo 18

DIY Activity Book photo 19  DIY Activity Book photo 20

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I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to wear with my dress, I have three options.. (so far)

here is one:

Bridal Bling photo 1

I also have that one and it's half pink, that I don't have a picture of yet... and another one that I found at a bridal show on clearance.. will take pictures of all 3.  I think I have to see them with the dress, before I'll know which one to choose...