Mar 28, 2009

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Our search for a reception hall spanned NY (city, long island, new rochelle, westchester) and NJ.  We had ALMOST booked with one hall but every time we went back, they kept claiming they didn't promise us certain things.  One tip for anyone still planning is to make sure to get everything in writing.  We had what we wanted in writing but they forgot to put the year on the contract and since we were searching in '07 for '09, they claimed it wasn't an '09 price they had given us.  We had way too many problems with them after that so we continued our search.  We went to:

  • Westbury Manor
  • The Metropolitan
  • Glen Cove Mansion
  • Tarrytown House
  • Glen Island Harbour Club
  • Oheka Castle
  • North Ritz Club
  • Oakside Mansion
  • Battery Park Gardens
  • East Wind Caterers
  • Chateu La Mer
  • Crossed Keys Inn
  • Venetian Yacht Club

For a little bit, I was really sent on an outdoor tent wedding in the summertime.  We went to Oakside Mansion and Crossed Keys Inn but there were just too many cons than pros.  First it was too far away for our guests and Oakside's ceremony room wouldn't fit all our guests.  Crossed Keys Inn was thinking of converting to a barn in 2009 and they wouldn't know until 2008.  So we tossed that out of the window as well.  Carlyle on the Green was the last place we looked at and while they were slightly above our price range, they had mentioned they have a reduced price during their off peak season.  After all the looking and getting screwed by one of the halls, we really felt Carlyle on the Green was the one for us.  As soon as I saw the ceremony room, I knew in my gut this was where I wanted to get married.  The fireplace and warm sunny room was perfect.  I also loved the beautiful sunlight coming into the large windows in the reception room.  They host only one wedding at a time and it felt like I could put my personal touches all throughout the hall.  We clicked immediately with our banquet manager, Cynthia and it really felt like our own little home!  Even tho we were set on a summer wedding, we crunched some numbers and decided that we wanted to have our wedding at the Carlyle on the Green no matter what so we settled for off peak season and got March 28, 2009!

  Finding Our Little Home photo 1Finding Our Little Home photo 2Finding Our Little Home photo 3Finding Our Little Home photo 4Finding Our Little Home photo 5Finding Our Little Home photo 6

If you are looking for a hall and have any questions about the above catering halls, feel free to contact me.

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Soon after the proposal, the first thing I did other than read up on proper etiquette was dress shopping!  Hands down the most fun ever.  I didn't even have a hall picked out yet but I knew I wanted an afternoon wedding to help offset costs and I knew that even tho it was 2007 that I wanted to get married in June 2009!  (More on what happened to our change in date later.)  So I started out searching theknot.com and reading weddingbee.com.  My coworker happened to get engaged soon after me and we started shopping around together.  I knew I was shopping super early for 2009 and I had a few problems with some stores but most were pretty reasonable.  We went to Bridal Garden, Macy's, Wedding Atelier (my coworker found her dress there), Kleinfelds, tried to go to Mark Ingram but they were rude, and RK Bridal.  RK Bridal was the last place I went to and I saw my dress on a mannequin and I knew it was the one.  They took it off the mannequin for me to try and I was in love.  It was the perfect mix of lace and bling, two of my favorite things!  I even tried on a veil, which I wasn't sure I wanted and the whole combination made me feel like "OMG, I'm getting married!"  Since I knew it was the one and I was early, I decided to shop around at the stores that carried the same designer.  After visiting/calling each store, I found one that would be willing to sell it for a lower price but I was scared that since it was a small shop that I would run into problems later on down the line.  I went back to RK Bridal and they were more than happy to price match.  My dress is from Enzoani Blue and it's called Accra.

The Search for the One photo 1 The Search for the One photo 2 The Search for the One photo 3The Search for the One photo 4 The Search for the One photo 5

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Everyone was in on the proposal, so when we got back from Aruba, we had a wedding to go to on Sunday for some of his friends.  I didn’t really want to steal the thunder from the bride and I didnt’ want to wear the ring but hubs told me that I should.  Everyone was very happy for us and we had a really good time.  The only thing was when it came time for the bouquet toss, hub's friend dragged me up there.  I really didn’t think I should go b/c technically I got a ring and I’m getting married.  But we went and stood in the back and I just dazed out.  Then suddenly in the corner of my eye I see this thing coming towards me and I’m like.. hmm.. why isn’t anyone else paying attention to it.  So I stuck my hands out and into my hands falls the toss bouquet!  You could imagine my shock and surprise and that I was kicking myself for not paying attention to why I was actually standing there!  hahahaha  Poor hubs, he then had the pressure of trying to catch the garter.  This is how it went down:

Waiting for the garter Getting crazy Taming the beast Hubs asking how he's suppose to catch that? 

He got it finally Waiting for my man

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During the December of 2006 about 3 years and 6 months of our relationship, hubs decided he wanted to propose.  I had no idea but my sister kept asking me what style ring I would like and I thought she was asking just in case he ever decided to.

In May 2007, hubs had asked my sister to arrange for him to meet with my parents to ask for their permission to marry me.  My sister lives in Virginia so she came home one weekend and we treated ourselves to hair appointments.  While I was at the appointment, hubs met with my parents and received their permission and left before I knew he was even there.  hubs waited at a local starbucks until I got back and told me that he was coming over to my house as usual and waited for about half an hour so I wouldn't get suspicious.  It worked and I never knew what happened that day until after the proposal.

I was a little sad that year since hubs kept insisting that we couldn't go on vacation since he needed to pay off some debt so I had asked hubs to plan something for our 4 year anniversary in June instead.  I was thinking it would be a nice dinner out in the city.  What I didn't know was that he was planning a surprise trip to Aruba, where we were originally trying to go to that year.  About 5 days before we were suppose to leave for our trip, I asked hubs what we were doing for our anniversary.  hubs told me to make sure not to accept any work meeting invites and that I wouldn't need to take time off.   Unfortunately for him, it's impossible for me to decline a meeting without knowing why if I'm not out of the office.  So after a bit, hubs  told me we could play twenty questions.  So I asked if we were going somewhere and he said yes.  My next question was if I would need to take time off and he said no.  I asked if we were going for more than a day and he said yes and I was instantly confused.  How do I not need to take vacation time if I'm going to be away for more than a day on a week day?  After reaching my 20 question limit, hubs decided to give me a clue and gave me a code with numbers and letters.  My heart was pounding as I copied it into the jetblue website.  Once I hit ok, a confirmation for two passengers to Aruba for 6 days appeared.  I was ecstatic but still confused on how I didn't need to take any vacation time.  It turns out hubs contacted a coworker of mine back in April for my manager's email information so that he could request vacation time for me.  He told my manager that he would like to propose to me and asked her to keep it a secret.

The trip was incredibly relaxing and romantic.  Usually I'm the planner but this time I didn't have to think about a thing.  Hubs arranged for us to have a couple's massage, take a jeep tour of the island, attend a latin show at night and relax on the hotel's private island.  On June 21, 2007, exactly 4 years since we've been together, hubs arranged for a surprise dinner on the beach.  While we were sitting by the water for our dinner, a photographer came by and asked to take a few pictures.  I thought it was nice but a little suspicious when she kept taking a lot of pictures of us.  I figured it was just our anniversary present since hubs knows I love pictures.  After a bit, hubs and I were standing by the water watching the sunset and he turned to me and asked me "Isn't this beautiful?" and I could only nod as I was starting to slowly realize what was going to happen next.  Then hubs said that he had something for me and proceeded to get down on one knew and pull out a box from his pocket.  Hubs tearfully asked if I would marry him and my reaction was "oh my god!  yes!" crying as well.  After the excitement, Hubs then revealed all the details of how he arranged the trip, the ring and the photographer.  He learned from my sister that I wanted to have pictures capture the moment of the proposal when it happened so Hubs arranged to have a professional photographer come by our table during dinner and pretend to be a hotel photographer.  It worked extremely well and we now have pictures to remember it forever.

The Sweetest Surprise photo 1The Sweetest Surprise photo 2
The Sweetest Surprise photo 3The Sweetest Surprise photo 4

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Hi.. please be patient while I upload photos and provide details!  I should have a write up within a few days if you'd like to check back!  My wedding was unbelievable and fantastic!  I can't wait to share! =)