Dec 05, 2009

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       Welcome to my Bio!  After being Bio of the week I decided to bring my profile back to private.  I like to know who's snooping on my planning & wants to see my wedding.  =)  Send me a friend request and I will gladly let you in on my special day!   If you would like to use any of my pictures for inspiration, please do, just give credit where credit is due.  And, if you see a picture of yours, please let me know so that I can give you proper credit as well!  Thanks!    

                                       Thanks for looking photo 1               

                                       "The wedding itself is just a symbol

                       without the foundation of love and sincerity that is portrayed

                                           the symbol is meaningless."   <3    


               The wedding may be over but I still have the need to share my life.  Follow my BLOG

                               Such an honor, Bio of the Week ~~~ ILCOYOTEKAIT ~~~