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Dec 05, 2009

Nophoto 130
Dan Royer Photography
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Met Dan at a Bridal Show and he seemed very professional. He was there with a few "co-workers". I put a deposit down even though he didn't have a copy of his contract at the bridal show becuase he didn't have one with him. I then waited to see if I would hear from him and didn't. So after a month I contacted him about coming and signing a contract. I drove over an hour to go meet with him and sign a contract. He works from home. Was very nice when we met with him. I NEVER SAW HIS "CO-WORKERS" AGAIN. 6 months after I booked him we had a venue change and I tried contacting him about this for over a month. Finally I had to have the cops involved to get a call back. His excuse was he was in New Mexico for 2 weeks with family and had gotten my emails/calls but then there was no reason for not responding. He was very adimit that we would not get out deposit back and we worked out a new contract for the venue and then also date change. I tried contacting him a week before our engagement session was scheduled to try and give him more money and upgade our packages to include video. Which would also then have it at our engagement session. Once again he waited until less than 24 hours before engagement session to respond and confirm anything. Enough was enough. I called back and of course NO ANSWER. I tried 2 times within hours after he called but no response, so I left a message telling him that I didn't agree with his idea of communication and didn't want to worry about him not showing the day of our wedding. He never returned my calls. But I did get an email at 1 in the morning about a week later stating a bunch of BS. My attorney contacted him to end out contract. I don't want to deal with the stress of trying to legally get our deposit back so we are walking away from this jerk. I DON'T RECCOMEND THIS GUY!!!
Services used: Photography

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STUDIO BY CARMEN - Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I can not say enough great things about Carmen. She is one of the best photographers I have met. I put together a Boudior Marathon for Chicago with Carmen's help. She was always very quick to respond to emails. I had my boudior session with her yesterday in Chicago. When I got to the Hotel I was blown away with how nice she was. She made me feel so comfortable, we laid out my outfits and then spent 2 & 1/2 hours doing a photoshoot! She knew every way to position me and how not to show my flaws. I couldn't believe how much of a work out being a "model" was... lol. But she kept the energy going the entire shoot. "Lift your chin, suck in your stomach, booty out"... she is GREAT at her job. Payments were easily done through her online site. She was seeming to care about every detail during the shoot, I can't wait to see the pictures.
Services used: Photography