Jan 01, 2014

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Hi PW Members! My name is Chung Nguyen, wedding and portrait photographer for the San Francisco Bay Area and the world at large. For more info about me, please check out my website at or, if you're bored and want some more eye-candy (in terms of photos, not necessarily of hot men....), visit my blog at

A few of my favorite things about weddings: the food (yum!), the flowers (pretty!), the people (ranging from smokin' hot to adorable to super cute to handsome to funny and hilarious), the emotions, and the toasts. Yep, pretty much everything.

My favorite colors are light, teal-ish, Tiffany-esque blue, orange, light lime green, and purple.

My favorite dessert: cupcakes. You can get me to do a lot of things if you bribed me first with cupcakes. I'm a little ashamed to admit this. No, no I'm not. I love cupcakes. (:

If you have any questions about my services or just questions about my experience with weddings in general, ping me or send me an email at

Happy Planning!