Jul 11, 2009

( 2.0 / 5.0 )
I had my ceremony & reception here. If I could do it over, I would have chosen elsewhere. Meeting with Ellen was great. We explained how we were having a small, intimate wedding and we were on a low budget. She said Lawry's was 'WONDERFUL' for low budget weddings and showed us how we can save by doing both ceremony & reception there. She answered my emails promptly and promised to accomodate our needs. I.E. "Would you usher our guests from the main room to the oak room?" "Absolutely. I would love to." But when it came down to it, we didn't even know where she was after the ceremony, and my sister had to announce everyone to move to the oak room. When I finally found her, I had to yell across the hallway and asked her to move everyone in the oak room. This is only the beginning of their horrible service. I'm not one to complain much about service. I think I'm pretty forgiving since I know how hard serving can be because I was a server for 10 years. Here are things that were not right: Drinks: A lot of people did not get served drinks. Not even water. All my father-in-law had until half way through his meal was champagne we had for toast. The groom got up 3 times to ask for drinks. Oh, and one of our friends didn't have champagne and as the groomsmen was about to give the toast, *he* noticed and had to ask for another glass. One of my girlfriends didn't get a champagne flute. But that's okay. Lawry's didn't care. They just poured into the wine glass instead. Such class. Food: The groom and I didn't get bread so my mom shared hers with us. Some people never got salad. Ever. There was such a long time in between the salad and the main dish that people started to come up to our table for photos. It was taking so long that I asked Ellen, the event coordinator, when the main dish was coming. She replies, "Oh, we didn't want to interrupt your photos." (o.O) ......WOW!!!! I didn't object because I was just shocked that she actually said that. And then a server comes to my table and asks, "What would you like to have?" Even though I already told Ellen that I've marked the placecards with what they want to eat, which SHE asked me to do. So I explained again to the servers what each mark meant on the placecards. I felt like the floor manager. And then my guest noticed me instructing and said, "Wow. American brides need to work on their wedding day." My sister didn't even get served until everyone was almost done, and Ellen's response: "You probably weren't in your seat." Cake: They don't charge a cutting fee which is great. One star for that. And they'll serve the cake you bring in a la mode with fresh berries. However, I told them we only need a slice to save, (you know how you're supposed to eat it a year later? for that) but they decide to ignore that instruction and saved the whole top tier, and served our guests one cm slices. To her defense, though, our wedding was very small, and we didn't have to spend that much money compared to the average $27,000. Maybe that's why they downgraded their service as well. I don't know why everyone else has such high reviews of this place but I hope Lawry's reads this and reevaluate their service for the sake of future brides.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner