Nov 07, 2009

Embrace Life Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Adam is AWESOME and definitely one of my favorite vendors! I wish he had more reviews. His photographs are beautiful and modern, and his prices are very reasonable. I have nothing but great things to say about him! Easy to work with and got our photos and album in no time... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Services used: Photography

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I am surprised that the DJ Company has had a lot of positive reviews. I am going to have to write them a negative one! We booked the DJ company almost a year in advanced from our actual wedding date. Although the price range was very expensive, we really liked Jay and we felt that he had a lot of experience DJing many different types of weddings. I called about a week before the wedding just to make sure everything was good to go. They have an online planning form that is very easy to use where you can basically plan out the music and itinerary for your whole wedding. On the actual day, I never even saw Jay, and another DJ, Angel, was there. When I spoke to Jay on the phone, he actually told me that he and Angel would be there to DJ. I know in the contract there is no guarantee of your requested DJ, but he could have at least told me he wouldn't be there! Angel was great when hyping up the crowd and doing all the presenting, but he didn't play MOST of our requested songs! What was the point of doing the whole online planning form if they don't even follow it?! It was also upsetting to hear that some of our guests complained that he was playing Latin music all night. We didn't have one Latin song on our playlist! What made things worst, was on my honeymoon I received an email from them saying that I owed them $200 for playing an extra hour of music. We never requested an extra hour of music, nor did they play an extra hour of music! I sent a long email to Mary, Jay's wife, who sent me the bill about all of my complaints above. She said that Jay was out of town and to just enjoy my honeymoon and we could handle everything when I get back. So I emailed them SEVERAL times after my honeymoon and I NEVER received a response back! I never paid them their $200 either. I didn't even bother calling them, because I was totally over it. In short, they are not worth the money and they are very UNPROFESSIONAL. Please think twice about choosing the DJ Company for your wedding!
Services used: DJ
The D Jay Company
The D Jay Company has a very clear agreement that if overtime is approved the company will bill. We do not ask Bride & Grooms for payment the day of there wedding.

It is inappropriate!

Bride became upset…
After many attempts, 8 months to collect an out standing balance $200.00 for approved overtime.
Wedding 11/7/2009, Reviewed on 6/17/20010

Clients normally review within 14 days.

Thank You
The D Jay Company

Inta Gems & Diamonds
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I absolutely LOVE INTA Gems and the products and services they provided for my husband and me. Peter and his family are great people to do business with. They are so welcoming and treat us like family. We purchased my engagement ring and both our wedding bands from them. My ring was custom made and designed and turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL. THANK YOU INTA!
Services used: Jewelry

{ Susie Chhuor Studios } Your Beauty Dream Team
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I absolutely LOVE Susie and her team! They did a great job on myself and my bridesmaids on the day of my wedding. I researched many other hair/make-up vendors and found Susie to be very affordable compared to others. Hair and make-up is so important for a bride on her big day, and you can definitely trust Susie to get the job done right! Susie is also such a sweet person! It is very admirable that such a young woman could put this very successful business together!
Services used: Beauty & Health