Dec 06, 2008

The Dream Factory
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I LOVE Sarah! She created the COOLEST slideshow ever for our reception! It was so good. I had a really cool space I was getting married in and I wanted to do things a little different, so during dinner I showed a slideshow of how me and my husband met and fell in love. It had baby pictures, high school pics (yikes!) and it was a way to honor my grandpa who had passed away by having some pictures of him in there too.. it was sooo sweet. Sarah did an amazing job. All i had to do was put the pictures in the order I wanted them, hand her a CD with the songs I wanted and POOF- she made this incredible movie! She made pictures 3-D!! The music fit perfectly to the pictures, I dont know how she did that! It was so cool! I cant wait to get our wedding pics back so I can have her make a wedding slideshow - I am going to send them out on DVD as a thank you card!! Thanks Sarah!
Services used: Photography, Unique Services, Videography