Oct 25, 2008

Nashville Wedding Minister
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Ralph was great, he is non-denominational and just a genuine heart-felt minister. He invited us to his home initially to get to know us and walk through his process and to get to know him. He also, provided us with FREE pre-marital counseling that we could do prior to the wedding so that we could both get to know each other better, but it also gives you a pretty big discount on your marriage license too. Ralph has several different ways that he can officiate your ceremony and he goes through all of the possibilities and lets you choose what is important to you. He custom tailors your ceremony to what you want or do not want in order ceremony. He can make it religious or not, its up to you. He has a great piece that we used in our ceremony that was absolutely amazing, the Hand Ceremony. Take our advice if you arent from the area and dont belong to a church or even if you do, Ralph is a great choice!
Services used: Officiant

Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
From the moment we first visited Cheekwood we knew it was the location we would choose for the backdrop of our wedding. The selection of several different types of gardens and lawns, the options to be indoor or outdoor, as well as the natural landscape of this beautiful private setting. The events coordinator was not the friendliest at first but she warmed up. Cheekwood is set inside of the very affluent neighborhood of Belle Meade in Nashville and it was gorgeous. We had our ceremony in the special events lawn and the reception in the courtyard of the Frist Learning Center. The experience that our guests had was truly amazing, just being able to have access to the grounds and explore the entire day was amazing, not to mention the museum, the restaurant, and the history behind Cheekwood. In our opinion it is possibly the most romantic garden you will find and any true love story can be written here without the slightest bit of effort.
Services used: Wedding Venue

Kevin Wimpy Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
If we could say it a million times over, they are the best photographers/photojournalists ever! From the initial interview, to meetings we had prior, to the day of the wedding, and even after proofing the photos. Kevin, Suzette, and the entire team were the most amazing photographers to work with. They dont just take pictures, they create magnificent works of art. You tell them what you want and how you want to feel and they will make it happen. On the day of the wedding our wedding party and guests commented that our photographers were so polite and so easy to work with and that it wasnt supposed to be this casual. Now to the best part, wait until you see your untouched proofs, you wont believe that its you! Then wait until you see the final proof before it is sent off to the printers to be hand touched and mastered in Italy. It takes a few weeks to get your album back, but just wait until you see it. If you dont shed a tear, you are the antichrist. Their attention to detail, their ability to make pictures come to life is truly amazing. Ive always learned that you truly get what youve paid for and all of our friends and family that have seen the pictures have all commented that, I can see why you spent what you did! We didnt break the bank, but we also didnt skimp because at the end of the day and 20 years down the road you will want to be able to pick up this elegant album and show it off just as you did in the years prior. The technology that they use and the process is priceless. You will never find another album like it and you definitely wont find another photographer or studio as fun to work with. We cant wait to have kids, because after seeing what they can do for weddings and portraits, Kevin Wimpy is a household name for us!
Services used: Photography

Silver Oak Limousine
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Let me just say that we had the most awesome stretch hummer limo in all of Nashville! This limo had everything, fiber optic lighting, drinks, amazing sound system, etc. The only reason I dont give them a 5 star rating is because the moon roof was broken (didnt open) by the previous group that was booked it the night beforeno worries though. They didnt charge us for fuel, mileage, and any other surcharges. Our driver was awesome, he was very professional, courteous and willing to take us anywhere we wanted to go. When he dropped us off he was right there waiting to take us to the next destination. We couldnt have asked for anything better, especially since their rates were far below any of their competitors in town. Easy online booking and phenomenal customer service!
Services used: Transportation

Todd Boswell - Bagpiper
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
You want to talk about an experience that will never be forgottenlet me tell you about the wedding bagpiper that we hired. We had attended several weddings: from beaches, to chapels, to homes, to golf courses and they all did the same things. We wanted something memorable and something lasting. So we hired Todd Boswell, he is a professional bagpiper and is extremely gifted. As our guests were seated we had him staged far off in the distance and as the seating music stopped he began to play a beautiful Celtic melody. The guests thought it was a recording until he descended down the hill in full Celtic regalia with his pipes. As the music got closer and the volume got louder the tears from even the manliest of men started to fall. It was beautiful and awing and when he got to the wedding path and led the bride and father of the bride to the altar it was a site to be seen. Our guests were so enchanted as he played through the ceremony and it was like a scene from a movie. Our goal was to not only make the ceremony beautiful but to evoke true emotion and we got every bit of it. Todd is the best and he can add that extra something that you are looking for in your wedding.
Services used: Unique Services

The Bake Shoppe
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Stunning, stunning, stunning! The Bake Shoppe not only creates beautiful cakes, rather amazing works of art. After interviewing several local bakers and pastry chefs we chose the Bake Shoppe because they clearly had an advantage over the rest. Their cakes were exquisite and more than reasonably priced. Our first design was very beautiful but after a couple of weeks we started to re-think it. Our baker and designer, Amy was amazing to work with. We would call and email her our ideas and one day she sent us a picture of a cake she had just designed and it was truly amazing and exactly what we were looking for. We made some minor adjustments and color changes and our magazine worthy cake became a reality. Not only did the cake taste amazing, it was flawless. We had the most amazing wedding cake that you our guests flocked around to take pictures of. It was truly a work of art. We really enjoyed Amy and her culinary skills are impeccable.
Services used: Wedding Cake

Baymont Inn & Suites (Nashville)
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
Great little hotel near the venue. It was nice, inexpensive, and close to everything that our guests may have needed. The rooms were comfortable, they had wireless, and had complimentary breakfast. The entire wedding party and all of the out of town guests stayed at the hotel. We even stayed here the night of the wedding. We wanted to be close to the whole family so that we werent far away, especially since the majority of the guests were from out of town. The hotel staff was friendly and accommodating. The night before the wedding several of the out of town guests wanted to enjoy each others company and a few drinks in the process and the hotel staff didnt mind one bit. There were no complaints and many of the guests didnt even realize that there was a lobby party going on. It was a nice hotel and for the price you couldnt beat it.
Services used: Unique Services

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Her gown was chosen from Brides by Demetrios and they were absolutely amazing to work with. Their designs are timeless and the vast selection of gowns is astonishing. From traditional to modern couture you cant go wrong. Their boutique is awe-inspiring and the sheer elegance and professionalism of their bridal consultants made the price tag more than worth ityou pay for perfection. From their website to their catalogs you are inspired to choose from the most elegant and enchanting gowns imaginable. From the moment you walk into the bridal salon you notice the countless Cinderella-like gowns everywhere you look and as you work with your bridal consultant she seamlessly shows you collections that fit your vision. Their no pressure attitudes and willingness to work for you rather than with makes it possible to calm even the most unruly bride or groomzilla. I would happily and eagerly recommend Brides by Demetrios without hesitation if you are truly looking for an eye-opening, jaw dropping gown that will leave lasting impressions on all who set eyes upon it.
Services used: Dress & Attire

pioneer color
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
To this day, people still want to know how we came up with the idea of having custom made save the date magnets created. It was a no brainer to us and we just wanted something that didnt get misplaced as often happens with a traditional card type save-the-date. They were innovative, elegant, memorable, and best of all quite inexpensive. When we sent them out many people wanted to know if this was the invitationnot quite, we politely replied. The ordering and proofing process was really simple and we had them in hand in just a few days. This was one of the easiest decisions that we were able to make at the drop of a hat. They had a wide selection of designs and color schemes to match any wedding. We gladly recommend them and we plan to use them again when we have our baby shower in the future.
Services used: Favors & Gifts, Invitations

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
The owner of the company is a young guy named Brent Cantrell he is also a DJ, but he has great staff. Our DJ was Josh Rose. Josh was great and he knows his music. They provided not only the music but the lighting and MC services. Josh met with us prior to go over the details and he was super friendly and we were amazed that he was so detail oriented. Any music that you could possibly want he was able to get and could make changes if you needed. We put our music selections in Joshs hands and he made it happen. We had selections from Robin Thicke during ceremony seating; Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble during dinner; 80s and 90s early on; and hip hop and dance late into the evening. The flow of the evening was flawless and there were never any dull moments or awkward music changes. Cosmo Creations DJ service is by far the best entertainment and DJ service in town.
Services used: DJ