May 29, 2010

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Bridesmaids - These are what I've decided on so far.  I still have to take them all shopping to be certain.  It will be shortened and they'll wear these shoes.   I'm really excited about it :)

Bridal Party Dresses photo 1Bridal Party Dresses photo 2

Mother of Bride - My mom got this dress not too long ago and I love it it looks great on her.

Bridal Party Dresses photo 3

Mother of Groom - She is going to wear a navy dress also.  It has the same cut as the girls but will be a little longer and has a beaded strap....it is very pretty as well.  I just can't find a picture :(

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I am so excited to have this part done!!!  She does amazing work and she is such a nice lady.  I'm just so happy.  You can check her out:

Sarah J Photography

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Save the Dates photo 1

I got them from the vistaprint and created the layout myself.  I LOVE THEM and they only cost $8.98 for 100 including shipment!!!

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Wedding Colors photo 1Wedding Colors photo 2Wedding Colors photo 3

The colors are mostly Lavender with hits of green and blue.  The green is a fresh green, like the color of green hydrangeas and the blue is a little darker than a sapphire blue.  I was trying to decide if I wanted lavender and green or blue and green but then I came accross my Bridesmaids' shoes and decided to just do all three.  


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I've been looking for dresses.  Here are some that I tried on.  I knew I wanted lace and I thought I wanted fitted but this is what happened

Wedding Dress Search photo 1Wedding Dress Search photo 2Wedding Dress Search photo 3

Maggie Sottero-Gloria, ???, ??

Wedding Dress Search photo 4Wedding Dress Search photo 5Wedding Dress Search photo 6

Maggie Sottero- Ireland an amazing dress but not the style I'm going for

Maggie Sottero- Lara didn't have any lace even though I really liked it

Maggie Sottero- Brookelyn Same Lace story even though it was beautiful, it was pretty heavy fabric too.

Wedding Dress Search photo 7

Casablanca 1827  This one was definitely a contender.  It is fitted and lace, I really liked it but it still wasn't right.


This is the one I have decided on.

Wedding Dress Search photo 8Wedding Dress Search photo 9Wedding Dress Search photo 10Wedding Dress Search photo 11

This is Casablanca 1900.  I really, realy love it.  And casablanca is so wonderful too, I am going to make it a sweetheart neckline which I think will be more flattering on my shape.   So essentially the top will be the same as the one above (Casablanca 1827). I am very, very excited.

I ordered my dress in May so it should be coming soon.  It will be white with a sweetheart neckline and I can't wait to see it!!!  I will post pictures when I have my first fitting. :)