May 29, 2010

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Married Non Pro Pics photo 1Married Non Pro Pics photo 2Married Non Pro Pics photo 3Married Non Pro Pics photo 4Married Non Pro Pics photo 5Married Non Pro Pics photo 6Married Non Pro Pics photo 7Married Non Pro Pics photo 8Married Non Pro Pics photo 9

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Our first shower was held in my fiance's hometown.  Needless to say I didn't really know anyone but it was a wonderful shower.  We had tea and chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes.  It was really lovely.  Here are some pictures :)

Tea Party Shower photo 1 mmm....cupcake tower :)

Tea Party Shower photo 2 Tea time....they even had sugar cubes :)

Tea Party Shower photo 3 Favors...they were so cute

Tea Party Shower photo 4 My bouquet of ribbons... Nick was obviously there too.  Whenever we got to a present with a ribbon I'd ask if he wanted to break it since apparently for every ribbon you break you have one child (we/he broke 2)


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For my final spring break I got to plan my wedding.  I'm not complaining but it is exhausting. 

Nick and me working on invitations

A week of work photo 1

The mess we made :)

A week of work photo 2

Bridesmaids' Bouquets :)  They are SOOOOOO Pretty...You can't see but there are little pins with each girls initial on the bottom... I love them :)

A week of work photo 3

The box of finished goods :)  All pew decorations are taken care of and the bridesmaids bouquets are on the right.  Isn't it beautiful.  Something that is completed :)

A week of work photo 4

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Sarah J Photography did our engagement pictures and they are soooo wonderful.  I love them!!! 

Engagement Pictures photo 1Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3Engagement Pictures photo 4Engagement Pictures photo 5Engagement Pictures photo 6Engagement Pictures photo 7Engagement Pictures photo 8

Engagement Pictures photo 9Engagement Pictures photo 10

Engagement Pictures photo 11Engagement Pictures photo 12

There are more but I think that's enough :)

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Centerpieces for most tables:

DIY Projects VERY rough drafts photo 1

Centerpieces for reserved tables:

DIY Projects VERY rough drafts photo 2

Pew decorations:

DIY Projects VERY rough drafts photo 3

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Here is my beautiful dress!!

MY dress photo 1

MY dress photo 2MY dress photo 3

and look at this cute detail that I missed before (this is the back of my dress)

MY dress photo 4

First Fitting

MY dress photo 5MY dress photo 6

Final Fitting

MY dress photo 7MY dress photo 8MY dress photo 9