Aug 08, 2009

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We are going to have 3 weeks of honeymoon bliss :).

We finally booked all plane tickets and all hotels (minus the Ireland ones). We still have to book the museums.

We decided to go to northern Italy for a week and a half (venice, florence and milan), then visit my grandparents in Romania for a few days, then go drive around Ireland. We also have a one day layover in Paris.

First Stop: Venice

Honeymoon plans photo 1Honeymoon plans photo 2

Second Stop: Florence

Honeymoon plans photo 3

Third stop: Milan

Honeymoon plans photo 4

Honeymoon plans photo 5

Fourth stop: Romania

Fifth stop: layover in Paris

Honeymoon plans photo 6


Sixth and final stop: arrive in Dublin and take road trips

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They are not the originally color we requested but I've grown to like them. We got the custom stamps from zazzle and love them (gotta love PW! without it I never would have known about custom stamps)

Our letterpress invitations photo 1Our letterpress invitations photo 2

 Our letterpress invitations photo 3




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Mother of the Bride dress photo 1

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Our E pics photo 1


Our E pics photo 2

Our E pics photo 3 

 Our E pics photo 4

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Bridesmaid dresses photo 1

My bridesmaids will be wearing this dress from Alfred Angelo (style 6455) with brown shoes.

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We met soon after I moved to Seattle, on my first day at work! ehh not the most romantic meeting! He of course fell in love with me immediately cause i'm just so lovable ;) and soon after we were known as the love birds!

It took us forever to decide which city to have the wedding in (because his family lives in Pennsylvania and my parents live in Toronto, Canada), but we finally decided on Seattle (where we live) as we thought it would be the easiest to plan. We are getting married in a Catholic church (FI is catholic while I am non denominational Christian) and then having the reception at the Mayflower Park Hotel in downtown Seattle.

Wedding day:

I can't wait for Rich to see me in the wedding dress walking down the aisle, and saying our vows awwww. I'm also looking forward to the first kiss, first dance, father daughter dance, our moms doing readings and of course cutting the cake yuuum.

I put some sections as friends only to keep some of the details a suprise (They will all be made public after the wedding :)).

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