Aug 08, 2009

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We bought them from Michael's and just printed at home and then of course got zazzle stamps to match :)

Rehearsal Dinner Invites photo 1Rehearsal Dinner Invites photo 2

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Thanks for looking! Trying to make space in our small apartment!

Shipping for all items will be from Seattle.

Reception Items

1. Bird cage for cards - 20 inches tall

- Paid 70$. Make an offer.

For Sale photo 1For Sale photo 2

2. Crystal garlands - 8 available, each one is 6 feet SOLD

- here they are hanging from the candelabra

- i paid $120 for all

For Sale photo 3

For Sale photo 4

3. Cake stand 1 - unused SOLD

- 12 inches in diameter

- can take a better picture if desired

- purchased from ebay

For Sale photo 5

4. Cake stand 2 SOLD

- paid 70$ from save-on-crafts

- 18 inches top diameter

For Sale photo 6

5. Table number holders - 9 available

- purchased from kitchenandrestaurant

- 15 inches tall

For Sale photo 7

6. Diamond candle holders

- 24 available

For Sale photo 8

7. Guestbook and guestbook pen - not used

For Sale photo 9


8. Unity candle holders + unity candles - unused

For Sale photo 10

9. Ring pillow - unused

For Sale photo 11

10. wedding bells - unused

For Sale photo 12

Ceremony Items:

1. tulle

For Sale photo 13

- 108 inches wide, soft tulle

- one 40 yard bolt + one 38 yard bolt

- 50$ for all + shipping

Bridal wear items

1. David's Bridal crinoline unused

- size 4

2. David's Bridal bustier unused

- I think it's 34 B have to check though

3. Veil - unused

- 4 tier, last tier cathedral length

- from ebay

For Sale photo 14

4. Wedding gloves - unused

- 23 inch, white satin fingerless

- from ebay

For Sale photo 15


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We had an amazing day!

The day before the wedding there was a 40% chance of rain in the afternoon and that freaked me out since we chose our date in August to avoid the crazy Seattle rain. So we added a first look in the morning and rented more umbrellas. Thankfully it didn't rain at all the whole day!

Getting ready pics: I got ready in our suite at the Mayflower Park Hotel and DH got ready in another room at the Mayflower. DH got me a surprise gift (Prada sunglasses with a pink outline I loved them and wore them almost every day of the honeymoon!) even though we weren't supposed to exchange gifts on the wedding day. I had Penn State garters and DH loved them. We were originally supposed to get ready with our bridal party but since we rescheduled to have a first look in the morning (due to rain) we just told them to get ready later!

We re married photo 1We re married photo 2We re married photo 3We re married photo 4We re married photo 5We re married photo 6We re married photo 7We re married photo 8We re married photo 9

We re married photo 10We re married photo 11

First look:

We actually stopped by a tennis court and played some tennis. I was tortured with tennis lessons as a kid, my dad wanted me to be some professional player but I hated it and I thought he would love the tennis pics.

We re married photo 12We re married photo 13We re married photo 14We re married photo 15We re married photo 16We re married photo 17We re married photo 18

Ceremony pics:

Our priest was really cute, we were his first American wedding. He actually got the best man's number to check up on us haha. After we signed the marriage license he was supposed to sign it but I guess we got carried away and started hugging everyone and then he told us to watch him sign it hehe.

We re married photo 19

We re married photo 20We re married photo 21We re married photo 22We re married photo 23We re married photo 24We re married photo 25We re married photo 26

After the ceremoy pics:

We re married photo 27We re married photo 28We re married photo 29We re married photo 30We re married photo 31We re married photo 32We re married photo 33We re married photo 34We re married photo 35We re married photo 36We re married photo 37

Reception pics

The reception room looked much better than we imagined! The pink uplights transformed the room and I was in love with our centerpieces (that must have been the only thing I didn't second guess the whole time while planning the wedding). DH finally appreciated uplights after seeing the room :)

I love this pic so much!

We re married photo 38We re married photo 39We re married photo 40We re married photo 41We re married photo 42We re married photo 43We re married photo 44We re married photo 45We re married photo 46We re married photo 47

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We got our marriage license on my birthday :)

Marriage License photo 1

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Yup yup a Paris photoshoot. I'm over the moon about it. Maybe I don't need a TTD photoshoot now :)

We walked around through downtown Paris for about 3 hours but I had forgotten how dusty some parts are so don't mind our shoes or the bottom of my dress.

Paris photoshoot photo 1Paris photoshoot photo 2



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I'm thinking of doing a TTD at Snoqualmie Falls. Here's a pic of it (ignore the people in it). But we can walk down to the rocks and play in the water which I think will make for cool pics.

My only fear is that I will have gained so much weight over the honeymoon .... pasta & gelato oh noooo

TTD photo 1