Sep 29, 2007

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The Look
The Look photo 1
The Look photo 2
The Look photo 3

The Look photo 4 The Look photo 5
The Look photo 6  The Look photo 7
"Kylie" in Ivory from Quick Gowns
So with three months to go, I have changed my mind!  This will officially be dress number 4!  Yes, number 4...the first was purchased before we decided on a beach wedding (I resold it for more than I paid on eBay); the second was the one pictured below (I actually have two of these, each $80 +s/h); the third was another one I found on eBay and the seller had a return policy and now this ONE.  I honestly never thought I would have issues with choosing a gown...I wear them for a living for crying out loud!  I adore the dress  below,  but it is shorter than I really like (about two inches above my ankles) and the closer I get to the wedding the more bridal I have become.  So, I feel that this new one is more appropriate and more flattering over all.   Plus I have recently discovered that my FI is not a fan of ruffles.  Go figure.  I might resell both on eBay or keep one for our Day After Shots.  Best of all, I can wear my funky Franco Sarto heels with it and they'll just be a hint of something fun peeking out, rather than some crazy faux paux with a dress that is too short and they're on full display!  

Funny enough...I had this gown bookmarked for about two years before we even got engaged.  I found the seller via eBay seller QuickGowns Weddings and Formals (formally Just The Dress).  Paul was very helpful via email in helping me determine the correct size to order (which was two sizes smaller than I originally thought I would need).  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is the LAST dress I buy before the wedding!  I got it for $377 including s/h and a breathable fabric garment bag for it.

The Look photo 8
I got the shoes above when I was still planning a toes in the sand ceremony on the North Shore.  I would be barefoot for it and then wear the shoes above for the reception.  Well, now that we're planning our ceremony for the lawn the fronts the beach at the Kauai Coast Resort on the East Side, I needed something flat to wear for the ceremony on the lawn.  

I found these Mossimo Princess Jewel Thongs at Target for $19.99.
The Look photo 9

I'll probably change into the Franco Sarto ones for the reception and definitely wear them for the AHR.

Here's a couture gown that I adore!  
I think that once mine is altered I can make it look similar:
The Look photo 10
"Izabel" By Adele Wechsler

I am currently obsessed with all things briolette!
Carrie D Mader's designs
The Look photo 11 The Look photo 12  The Look photo 13  

And ever since I got my pear shaped e-ring...I cannot get enough of the pear shape stones either!

This is from 
White Aisle
The Look photo 14

I am currently torn between going with a smoky eye and nude lip or with a completely light/neutral eye and lip.

The Look photo 15The Look photo 16The Look photo 17The Look photo 18The Look photo 19 The Look photo 20The Look photo 21The Look photo 22The Look photo 23The Look photo 24
The Look photo 25The Look photo 26The Look photo 27

I have naturally curly hair and plan to wear it up with green cymbidum orchids.  Hopefully the humidity will co-operate!  
Oh yeah and the 87 products it will take to beat my wild locks into submission!  
I'd like it do be loosely pulled back and not overly "done" looking.

The Look photo 28The Look photo 29The Look photo 30The Look photo 31The Look photo 32The Look photo 33
The Look photo 34The Look photo 35 
The Look photo 36  The Look photo 37 The Look photo 38

If it doesn't want to behave, I guess I can do this route:

The Look photo 39The Look photo 40The Look photo 41The Look photo 42
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Reception Details photo 1Reception Details photo 2Reception Details photo 3
Reception Details photo 4
Reception Details photo 5
Reception Details photo 6
More mosaic glass with shells
  Reception Details photo 7 Reception Details photo 8

Reception Details photo 9 Reception Details photo 10 Reception Details photo 11
Reception Details photo 12
Reception Details photo 13
More Reception Details
I like the idea of using sand dollars for name cards at the place settings
 (we won't need to do escort cards, I just plan to have them already at the place settings.)

Reception Details photo 14
Reception Details photo 15 Reception Details photo 16
Reception Details photo 17 Reception Details photo 18
Maybe we'll have their names in English and Hawaiian:

Reception Details photo 19

We will have white table linens, but I want to have turquoise or aqua napkins like this:

Reception Details photo 20 Reception Details photo 21
I like the folded napkin pocket for the menu cards (we'd do the sand dollar name tag instead of the flowers):

Reception Details photo 22 Reception Details photo 23

And natural fiber (woven raffia, sinamay or burlap for the runners):

Reception Details photo 24 Reception Details photo 25  

I just love the look of the turquoise glass and candlelight:

Reception Details photo 26 cute are thes tealights from IKEA?  They are $2 for 4!  And they come with the candles in them..
They come in a red/fushcia/orange combo too!  FUN!

Reception Details photo 27

I have been obsessed with trying to recreate this look but couldn't find rentals for the turquoise glass plates:

Reception Details photo 28

Reception Details photo 29

So I was overjoyed when  I found these Turquoise Glass "The Cellar" Plates on sale at
for $9.97 for a set of 4 plates (originally $29/set)...I bought 10 sets:

Reception Details photo 30 Reception Details photo 31  

And I bought 40 of these Libbey "Vina" Glasses in Turquoise online from the Libbey Outlet for $2.99 each

Reception Details photo 32

I also bought two of these "Fleur Aqua" Champagne Flutes from Cost Plus World Market for $3.00 each

Reception Details photo 33

                             Our table will be in a horseshoe or U shape:                Orange Mokara Orchids in Vases:

Reception Details photo 34
    Reception Details photo 35  

                                      Dendrobiums and Natural Fiber Runner:      We'll sprinkle seashells in various sizes and
                                                                                     turquoise glass pebbles:

      Reception Details photo 36    Reception Details photo 37

I have Lauhala Boxes from 
Bliss Wedding Market and would like to do something like this,
maybe with sandollar cookies inside?  Or Chocolate covered mac nuts...
Maybe I can put the guest names on the shell , attach it to the box,
and have the box placed on the napkins on each plate...hmmmm?!?!?!?

Reception Details photo 38 Reception Details photo 39

Table Number Idea (and Sand Dollar Cookies)...we will probably name the tables with
Hawaiian Words for Love, Faith, etc. or with locations in Kauai that are special to us.

Reception Details photo 40

Reception Details photo 41
Reception Details photo 42
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Save the Dates
Paper Stuff photo 1
I wanted to do a boxed, pocketfold invite with woven/basho paper, embellished with seashells.  I priced it myself to DIY and it came to around $8-9/per invitation once I bought all of the supplies.  So, when I found these online at Eiffel Print & Design for $10.50/each I decided that I would spend the extra money to have someone with the time, patience and experience to make them for me.  Brittany has been wonderful, we have corresponded by email and she has worked with me to customize my design based upon this sample:

Paper Stuff photo 2 Paper Stuff photo 3

Here are the mock-ups I received from Brittany...

One came in a Vanilla Box and the other in a Chocolate Box
Joseph and I like the Chocolate one...

Paper Stuff photo 4

This is what each one looks like once you open the box:
(it is wrapped with a chocolate colored suede tie and the sandollar is hot glued onto it, creating a band)

Paper Stuff photo 5 Paper Stuff photo 6

This is what the inside of the chocolate one looks like:

Paper Stuff photo 7  Paper Stuff photo 8

Here is the inside of the vanilla one:

 Paper Stuff photo 9

The enclosures (sorry they're camera is hit or miss!)
That is the map I made using tips from the Map Bio!  
I used MSPublisher and Paint for mine and saved
it as a .tiff file so it would be high enough quality to print.

Paper Stuff photo 10

You cannot tell by the pics, but Brittany also used two different types of white paper for us to see and choose from.  One has a golden pearl effect and the other is more silvery...we have chosen the silvery one (it is also the same sparkle as the pocketfold...which I believe the color is called tiffany blue).    We will use the chocolate box and the vertical pocketfold and invitation orientation (we like that it is not as traditional as the horizontal, more book-like one).  The only thing we might change is having our names in a larger font.  Other than that...they exceed my expectations 100%!

Brittany was great about using my fonts (Bonheur Royale is the Script and Maiandra GD is the Serif one)...she didn't have the script fonts so I emailed it to her.  It matches the map I made and I also used it for our Boarding Passes below.  I plan to use it on our wedding programs and menus as well for consistency.  I cannot recommend her enough!  She has been great and I know that our guests will just adore our invites (I had my BFF sneak a peek and she couldn't rave enough!)  

Welcome Letters
My boarding pass welcome letter....
I will send this and a customized luggage tagto my guests after they RSVP.
Mahalo to MauidAims for the luggage tag inspiration and the boarding pass template.
Click here to get your own!

Paper Stuff photo 11
Paper Stuff photo 12

We'll make personalized bag tags, similar to this, with self-laminating luggage tags:

Paper Stuff photo 13
Big Day Timeline
Paper Stuff photo 14
Just for fun, I made up some monograms for fun in MSPublisher...
We might use one or more for Luggage Tags, Palm fans, OOT bag tags, water bottles, etc.

Paper Stuff photo 15

Paper Stuff photo 16

Paper Stuff photo 17

Paper Stuff photo 18
Welcome Letters for OOT Bags
I made these trifold letters in MSPublisher for the OOT bags...
Paper Stuff photo 19

Paper Stuff photo 20


I would like to make something similar to this:

Paper Stuff photo 21  Paper Stuff photo 22

This is cute too and is similar to what we did for our STD:

Paper Stuff photo 23

Wedding Website
Joseph and I both have our own websites for work (every opera singer these days has a website!), but we knew we wanted one completely dedicated to our wedding plans and details.  I considered DIY (I created and maintain our professional sites), but after seeing the offering as WedQuarters, I decided it would be more convenient to use their web-based templates and hosting.  Here is a screenshot of ours.

Paper Stuff photo 24
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I have champagne tastes and a beer budget! But, I have saved tons of money planning this wedding by comparison shopping online and buying many things on eBay.
I also try not to make any emotionally based decisions...because that's when you can end up paying TOO much money for wedding-related stuff.
I have chosen to list prices here to let other to-be-weds that having a fabulous wedding on a budget can be done!
Item Vendor Estimated Cost Actual Cost
Airfare (for 2) Hawaiian Airlines $1000.00 $998.00
Kauai Condo - One Week Plantation Hale $1000.00 $868.00
Kauai Rental Car National Rental Car via $300.00 $214.00
Maui Mini Moon Maui Prince Makena, Airfare and Car for 5 days via $2000.00 $1400.00
Wedding Flowers Martin Roberts Floral and Design $1000.00 $750.00
Photography Island Echoes Photography $5000.00 $2700.00
Officiant Friend of Ours, ended up hiring Manulele Clark FREE $250.00
My Dress Sean Collection for Nordstrom via eBay (Brand New, With Tags!) $350.00 $80.00
His Suit Andres Fezza White Linen Suit via Marshalls $500.00 $40.00
Ceremony Chairs Provided by Kauai Coast Resort $75.00 $25.00
Ceremony Location Kauai Coast Resort, Site Fee $500.00 $250.00
Reception Private Room at the Hukilau Lanai $1500.00 $350.00
Table Decorations Glass votives and vases with orchids $1000.00 $350.00
Luau Buffet Dinner Hukilau Lanai $2000.00 TBD
STDs - 30 total DIY based upon a design that was $5 per card plus postage $6.00 /each $2.55/ each
Boxed Invitations - 30 Eiffel Print & Design $15.00/each $10.50/each.
Music Easy Living Flute & Guitar Duo $600.00 $600.00
Wedding Website $100.00 $80.00
TOTALS $17,655.00 $11,346.00
At Home Reception Friend's Home $2500.00 TBD
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About Us photo 1
Aloha Project Wedding!
I started collecting pictures long before I ever thought I would make a bio...
so if you want me to credit your pic, please email me:
loridecter [at] yahoo [dot] com
I made this HTML bio using  NVU

About Us
About Us photo 2About Us photo 3 About Us photo 4
Joseph and I are professional opera singers and have been dating for five years. We were classmates in college ten years ago, but didn't become friends until we were hired to work at the same company in 2001. The company provided housing as part of the contract, and we became next door neighbors. Soon after that, our friendship turned into a romance. In 2003, we moved in together and we have been in love ever since! We travel here, there and everywhere for gigs, but are currently based in San Jose, CA where we live with our Pug dog Regina and our tuxedo kitty Bella.
Our Furbabies
reggie  bella  furbabies
Regina & Bella

Our first vacation together was in the summer of 2001 and we spent a week in Kauai. We returned to the island again for ten days in the summer of 2005 and when we became engaged on September 17, 2006, we knew we wanted to be married there. Because my Dad has a time share at the Pono Kai in Kapa'a, my family has vacationed on the island year after year, but this will be the first visit for many of our friends and most of Joseph's family.

Some pictures of us working together

About Us photo 5  dg  About Us photo 6


Count di Luna & Leonora
Verdi's Il trovatore
Donna Anna & Don Giovanni
Mozart's Don Giovanni
Crazy PR Shot
for Don Giovanni

    ballo About Us photo 7
As Count and Countess Anckestroem
(Renato & Amelia)
As Mimi and Marcello
Verdi's Un ballo in maschera Puccini's La boheme

We're excited to share the peace and natural beauty that Kauai has to offer and look forward to having a casual, laid-back wedding weekend with our immediate family and close friends. We expect about 40 guests and will be married on the beachfront lawn at the Kauai Coast Resort in Kapa'a, followed by cocktails at the pool and a dinner reception at the Hukilau Lanai. We really like that restaurant and ate there several times on our last visit. We LOVED their Ahi Poke Nachos and listening to the jazz duo Easy Living, so we will have both at our wedding! We are working with Manda Tollefson at the Hukilau Lanai and she is coordinating the ceremony and reception details for us. We will stay at the Plantation Hale, where we have stayed the last two times we've been to Kauai, which is also in the Coconut Coast Resort area right next to the Coconut Marketplace. We will have Jennifer Prater from Island Echoes Photography capture the day and flowers from Casey Sparks of Martin Roberts Floral and Design.   Finally, after much debate, I decided not to DIY our invites and am working with Brittany Hermansen at Eiffel Print & Design.

Visitor Map

About Us photo 8 About Us photo 9

In addition to my Planning Bio
I also have three Specialty Bios at The Knot:


Last Update: 02.02.08

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I've tried my best to recreate my bios (from that other wedding site) here at PW.  To see my bios in all of their glory, click these links:

small bio photo

I am glad to have found this website! I am a native San Franciscan (born and raised) and currently live in San Jose with my fiance, Joseph, and our two furbabies, Regina and Bella. We will be married in an Oceanfront Ceremony at Kauai Coast Resort on September 29, 2007 in Kauai, Hawaii. We are planning a casual destination wedding for about 25 guests. For more information on our wedding plans, please see my planning bio (links on the left).
UPDATE!  We're married, have another pug named Luigi and now live in Tulsa, OK.  The rest?  Details below...