Jun 12, 2010

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More coming soon!!! 

Candy buffet items.  I would like to sell the whole set for $150.  I am willing to try to price out individual jars but I would prefer to get rid of the set as a whole.  I have a total of 14 apothecary jars, 4 small cup/vases and 2 silver colored plastic scoops with heart shaped handles.  I took pictures of each of the jars alone and then next to a 2 liter of Sunkist in order to better show the size of each jar.  Please PM me with any questions.

*Sale Pending*

For Sale photo 1

Our buffet in action...

    Jar #1 - (I have 2 of this one)                     Jar #1                             Jar #2 - (I have 2 of this one)
For Sale photo 2 For Sale photo 3 For Sale photo 4
                              Jar #2                                                              Jar #3
For Sale photo 5 For Sale photo 6
   Jar #3 - (I have 2 of this one)        Jar #4 - (I have 2 of this one)                      Jar #4
For Sale photo 7  For Sale photo 8 For Sale photo 9
    Jar #5 - (I have 2 of this one)                     Jar #5                              Jar #6 - (I have 1 of this one)
For Sale photo 10 For Sale photo 11 For Sale photo 12
                              Jar #6                                                               Jar #7
For Sale photo 13 For Sale photo 14
    Jar #7 - (I have 2 of this one)      Jar #8 - (I have 2 of this one)     Scoops- I have the 2 pictured here
For Sale photo 15 For Sale photo 16 For Sale photo 17
                           Jar #8
For Sale photo 18

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Non Pro pics photo 1 Non Pro pics photo 2Non Pro pics photo 3 Non Pro pics photo 4Non Pro pics photo 5Non Pro pics photo 6Non Pro pics photo 7Non Pro pics photo 8Non Pro pics photo 9Non Pro pics photo 10Non Pro pics photo 11Non Pro pics photo 12Non Pro pics photo 13Non Pro pics photo 14Non Pro pics photo 15Non Pro pics photo 16Non Pro pics photo 17Non Pro pics photo 18Non Pro pics photo 19

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My family and friends shower was hosted by my wonderful cousin (MOH) and my aunt.  It was wonderful!  We had food from the Olive Garden and delicious treats from a local bakery that are to die for!  We also had delicious punch and an out of this world white peach sangria!!  We played a fun game where I had to answer questions that Dj (FI) had already answered to see how well we knew each other.  I got 14/20 correct and would argure that I really got 16/20! =)  Knowing that I am a avid scrapbooker my cousin had the girls each make a page for me where they wrote a note and then she took our picture.  It was awesome, I make books for others all the time and this is the first time someone made one for me!!  They also took a lot of pictures of us as a couple through the years as well as pics of us as children and filled all the frames throught the downstairs!  This was super unique and perfect for me since I never put the camera down!  I received a ton of wonderful gifts and got to spend time with all my favorite people!  What more can you ask for?!?!  They went above and beyond and made me feel very special. =)

My bridal shower photo 1 My bridal shower photo 2
                    Me with all my gifts                                    My mom, me and my grandma (Nana)
My bridal shower photo 3 My bridal shower photo 4
                  The scrapbook station                                       Pics of us on one of the tables
My bridal shower photo 5 My bridal shower photo 6 My bridal shower photo 7
So we tried my dress on since my cousin never got to see it in person!    Me with Lily (MOH's daughter)
My bridal shower photo 8 My bridal shower photo 9 
Mom, me, Nichole, Lilian, and my Aunt Lisa                        Our delicious cake from Bon Bonerie
My bridal shower photo 10 My bridal shower photo 11 My bridal shower photo 12
    Natalie & I (BM & best friend)                  Ali & I (BM & cousin)                   Amanda & I (BM & FSIL)
My bridal shower photo 13 My bridal shower photo 14 My bridal shower photo 15
 Chelsey & I (BM & my brother's gf)        Nichole & I (MOH & cousin)                      My "Nana" & me
My bridal shower photo 16 My bridal shower photo 17 My bridal shower photo 18
my brother brought me flowers!! =)                Judy & I (FMIL)                                   Mom & I

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Our candy buffet photo 1Our candy buffet photo 2Our candy buffet photo 3Our candy buffet photo 4Our candy buffet photo 5Our candy buffet photo 6Our candy buffet photo 7Our candy buffet photo 8Our candy buffet photo 9Our candy buffet photo 10Our candy buffet photo 11Our candy buffet photo 12Our candy buffet photo 13


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Flower girl dress photo 1

I highly recomend this seller on ebay!!  This dress is gorgeous!!  And I only payed around $40!!  I removed the ivory flower and I am replacing it with a red flower.

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Tungsten Carbide... $32.99 on Amazon.com... and we love it!!! =)
his wedding band photo 1