Aug 29, 2009

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wow, can't believe we've been married for over a month now! loving married life!!! woohoo!!!

our wedding day was a blast - definitely not without glitches but we overcame them & had a blast! we just came back from a wonderful honeymoon - another one of our whirlwind excursions; this time to the lands downunder (australia and new zealand! - see below for separate post of honeymoon!).

but wanted to spend some time to relive and share some of the moments of our wedding day...

FRIDAY NIGHT (after RD): i'll start with after rehearsal dinner friday night since that's when we really started preparing for the wedding day with our DIY centerpieces! (not to mention the months of planning before that :P). we all returned to the hotel and met in my room. i really didn't know how this was gonna work out because i didnt know how much help i was gonna get. but my 2 aunties, sisters, cousin, bridesmaids, and 9-yo niece (FG) were all there cutting stems and arranging the flowers - we were done by midnight (started around 9:30pm)!!!...all 16 centerpieces, 2 small FG bouquets and 6 cocktail lounge area centerpieces...here are some pics.

Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 1 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 2Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 3 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 4   

                   Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 5 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 6

SATURDAY @ MIDNIGHT: centerpieces done - check! my bridesmaids decided they wanted to practice bustling my dress so all could be perfect the next day. my dress was hung on the door because it was too long and we didnt want it to drag in the closet. i suddenly heard a "OMG!" from one of my bridesmaids...i walked over to my dress to see a black stain over my left bust - at first not believing what i was seeing. apparently when the girls were moving the dress around, it brushed against the door hinge and the black door hinge grease got on it! now what? i was a upset initially and my BMs felt horrible!!! they went out in the middle of the night in SF downtown to look for club soda, baking soda, anything they could get their hands on to possible lift the stain. none of remedies worked. we also didnt want to be too agressive since we didnt want the spot to smear more or make the spot bigger...the girls were very consoling...i just left it up to them because i was busy writing checks for the vendors for the next day as well as sending last minute emails to the DJ/MC - yea it was late! in the end i just went to bed, or more like forced to bed while my BMs continue to deal with my dress...they were so sweet and really great at not making me worry!

SATURDAY (beginning at 830am): i woke up after about 4-5 hours of sleep, feeling excited and a little nervous. i went to look at my dress and the stain was still there. while i was showering, my MOH decided to call concierge to see if they had any solutions and the concierge called as many dry cleaners as they could in the area opened on a saturday but all refused because it was so close to the ceremony time and they didnt want to risk putting chemicals on the dress that may/may not work...but leave it to my baby sister, one of the BMs, to come up with a brilliant plan...since my dress has rouching all over the bodice, she said "just fold over it and sew it down"...wow, why didnt i think of that?! since the stain was no bigger than it was before but clearly obvious because it was on the tip of my left boob, i carefully folded the stain under, created a new fold and sewed it down with several hidden stitches (THANK YOU Mrs. Fish, my clothing and design teacher from high school!).

Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 7 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 8

...getting ready: the photographer and MUA arrived at 11am promptly, as i was throwing in the last couple stitches. of course they were all questioning what i was doing so i told them. i asked LH (lawrence ha, photog) to work his magic and make sure the stain doesnt show, since i also found out the stain extended down the front-left of my dress where the rouching gathered - so the gathering an folds there kinda hid the light streaks...LH was like "what stains?" - very funny/charming...then i sat down do get my MU & H done by AH (styles by ann (ho), MUA) and everything started to sink in. i took a deep breath and suddenly felt calm and so happy that the day had come. nevermind the dress had some dirt on it. nevermind worrying about whether the DOC had all the contacts and everyone who said they would help would actually help - i just decided whatever happens will just happens...and whatever needs to be taken care of will be taken care of. my priority from that moment was to enjoy and experience the gorgeous day and marry the man of my dreams (cheesy, but love it! and love my DH!). AH made me feel so beautiful that i almost wanted to cry - but i thought "my mascara!" she even, last minute, put silk flowers in my hair that my sister brought from taiwan. the MU & H turned out better than the trial; AH definitely exceeded my expectations. and her timing was perfect as well! LH was snapping away the whole time with his assistant and joking with the BMs and other people that came and went in the morning hours...was great!

 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 9 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 10

...the ceremony: started right one time. i was worried about parking for the guests because GGP had a huge concert that weekend! my cousins cindy and gary did a wonderful job setting everything up, along with the groomsmen. the string quartet was ready and playing the songs we requested. as i walked down the path with my dad, i looked at my FI/DH and couldn't hold back my tears because he was crying too!!! til this day we're still trying to see who cried first. our pastor gave a short and sweet ceremony, with the "blessing of the hands" - done by one of dear friends. there were funny moments in the pastor speech as well as from my DH - ex. when the pastor said "you may now kiss the bride...", DH briefly did his famous overexaggerated stretching exercises before we did our grand kiss (hi-lar-irous! - the stretching part; hopefully not our kissing part :P).

Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 11 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 12Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 13 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 14 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 15 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 16

..........(ceremony) Blessing of the Hands (from several other PW brides! thx for sharing)

Chi and Ron, please join hands so that you may see the rings you have offered to one other. 

These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you. 

These are the hands that are holding yours on your wedding day as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow, and forever.

These are the hands that will work alongside yours as together you build your future. 

These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years and with the slightest touch will comfort you like no other.

These are the hands that will hold you when fear or grief tries to overwhelm you. 

These are hands that will wipe tears from your eyes countless times, both tears of joy and tears of sorrow. 

These are the hands that will help hold your family together as one. 

These are hands that will give you strength when you need it. 

These are the hands that even when wrinkled with age, will still be reaching for the hand of your beloved, still giving the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.

........(ceremony) songs: processional - don't stop believing (journey); bridal entrance - can't help falling in love (elvis); recessional - viva la vida (cold play)

Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 17 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 18

...the reception: all went according to planned...except my DH and i realized (back in the hotel room that night) we forgot to do a thank you speech to everyone. but we figured we said our thank yous when we did our table walk to each table so that kinda counts right? :P but anyways, my DOC (cousin) did an awesome job recruiting people and decorating parts of terra, esp where the florals were concerned. our sweetheart table was adorable! the staff at terra were awesome as well. everything looked so beautiful. and the wedding cake/cupcake set up was gorgeous as well. jasmine (cake person) made it sure all the pieces fit on our DIY stand, which was surrounded by votives and flowers! our MC/DJ dynamic duo from spintronix were awesome too. the MC was so good and mingled so well with our crowd that people thought he was my cousin! i couldnt have asked for a more perfect night. our best man and MOH speech were funny and touching - made me cry (again). everyone had a great time, from the photobooth, to the wish jar, to the food and drinks, the looping slide shop throughout and the dancing! my DOC even had a clean up crew that had everything put away before the evening concluded...everything just went so smoothly in the end...

Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 19 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 20  Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 21 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 22 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 23 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 24 

                Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 25 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 26 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 27 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 28 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 29 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 30

.........(reception) songs: grand entrance - viva la vida (cold play); first dance - everything (m. bubble); father daughter da nce - que sera sera (doris day); cake cutting - lucky (jason muraz/colby caillat); money dance - when you say nothing at all (?) , true (ryan cabrera), i knew i loved you (savage garden)




things learned/my humble advice: don't worry about the details! enjoy the day/absorb every moment! trust that everyone you recruited to help and vendors know how to make the wedding perfect! i was worried about the stain on my dress but then my entire train was pretty dusty by the end of the night, so oh well! no one even noticed! i was worried if the flow of the events would be smooth - remember that the vendors have YEARS of experience and do this every weekend, so they know what they are doing...so i did a lot of worrying for nothing! learn to let the details go on that day! have a DOC - it helps to have someone you know help out along with the site manager/DOC provided by the venue, so your personal DOC can represent you throughout the evening (my cousin was fabulous! we think alike!). have a person designated to do video (pro or nonpro) to capture the moments - we didn't hire one but had several people filming her their personal video cameras; good enough for us, esp since we like to self-edit and run through all the footage! when planning, prioritize what's important for you and your FI/DH (so you dont overspend on unnecessary things). for us it was PHOTOGRAPHY - gotta find that person who can capture your day for you. our photog ended up bringing 3 assistants with him! and bounce ideas off others (if not your FI/DH, then your BMs & friends, and PW girls!!!); to help keep things in perspective :P. most importantly, have fun with the process! i almost wanted to change careers and become an event planner after this - despite the stress!

                      Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 31 Wedding RECAP w NONPRO pix photo 32

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PRO pix TEASERS photo 1 PRO pix TEASERS photo 2PRO pix TEASERS photo 3 PRO pix TEASERS photo 4 PRO pix TEASERS photo 5 PRO pix TEASERS photo 6 PRO pix TEASERS photo 7 PRO pix TEASERS photo 8 PRO pix TEASERS photo 9

                                    PRO pix TEASERS photo 10 PRO pix TEASERS photo 11 PRO pix TEASERS photo 12

                                    PRO pix TEASERS photo 13 

PRO pix TEASERS photo 14 PRO pix TEASERS photo 15 PRO pix TEASERS photo 16

                         PRO pix TEASERS photo 17 PRO pix TEASERS photo 18

                                      PRO pix TEASERS photo 19PRO pix TEASERS photo 20 PRO pix TEASERS photo 21  

                       PRO pix TEASERS photo 22 PRO pix TEASERS photo 23

                                   PRO pix TEASERS photo 24

PRO pix TEASERS photo 25 PRO pix TEASERS photo 26PRO pix TEASERS photo 27 PRO pix TEASERS photo 28

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EVERYTHING IS gently used!

1. Frames (4x6) - I used to display family wedding portraits on our registration table which later turned over to become the candy buffet. I have 7 of them. ($3 each or $15 for all).

FOR SALE items photo 1 FOR SALE items photo 2

4. Table easles ($5)

- easel #1FOR SALE items photo 3 FOR SALE items photo 4

6. 2 tall vases $8 ea

FOR SALE items photo 5 FOR SALE items photo 6 

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My lovely day!!!

shower & lunch at the house with the girls!

pole dancing in campbell!

dinner at krung thai!

partied it up in santana row!

thx ladies!

My Bridal Shower photo 1 My Bridal Shower photo 2 My Bridal Shower photo 3

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the precious rings are inside! :P

our rings are here photo 1

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DETAILS Bouquets photo 1DETAILS Bouquets photo 2DETAILS Bouquets photo 3 DETAILS Bouquets photo 4 DETAILS Bouquets photo 5DETAILS Bouquets photo 6DETAILS Bouquets photo 7