Aug 29, 2009

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our sign-in/wish jar:DETAILS Reception photo 1DETAILS Reception photo 2

signature drink: Yellow Cosmo DETAILS Reception photo 3 will probably look like this...

photobooth by www.partybooths.com: DETAILS Reception photo 4 will be using the BLUE background! 6h deal!DETAILS Reception photo 5 DETAILS Reception photo 6

sweetheart table ideas:

DETAILS Reception photo 7DETAILS Reception photo 8

uplights - amber, provided by Terra Gallery

photos looping all night via projector (no slideshow)

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 DETAILS Ceremony photo 1DETAILS Ceremony photo 2 DETAILS Ceremony photo 3 DETAILS Ceremony photo 4 


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here are some pictures our 8 candy jars and candy bags with twistie ties...

DETAILS Candy Buffet photo 1 DETAILS Candy Buffet photo 2

our candies will be: 1. Lemonheads, 2. Passion Fruit salt water taffy, 3. Peppermint (safeway special, wrapped in yellow tissue), 4. Combo of dove's chocolate (blue foil) & hershey's Bliss chocolate (blue foil), 5. Yellow Rock Candy on a stick, 6. Hi-chew (japanese fruity chewy candy from taiwan), 7. Mele chocolates (toffee covered mac nuts covered with chocolate, from Hawaii), 8. Pineapple candy (from Hawaii).

this is the DIY candy wrapping posted originally by jamiesue on PW (http://www.i-do-it-yourself.com/2009/05/wrap-idea-tissue-ribbon-makeovers/). except i'll be securing the sides with the twistie ties you see above (since i have 1000!!!! of them).

DETAILS Candy Buffet photo 3

in all, i'll have about 5lbs of each type = 40 lbs of candy!

the calculation per person = 0.25 lbs x 150 guests = 37.5 lbs...should be enuf to for everyone!

Lemonheads, Rock candy and Salt Water Taffy ordered from www.candydirect.com - flat shipping fee or free shipping if order > $75.00; which was easily done.

i'm thinking about a staggered setup like this w/ DIY candy labels:DETAILS Candy Buffet photo 4  DETAILS Candy Buffet photo 5

can't wait to see how it turns out!

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the works of lawrence ha (http://www.lthphotography.com/)

Engagement Pix photo 1 Engagement Pix photo 2  

Engagement Pix photo 3 Engagement Pix photo 4 Engagement Pix photo 5

Engagement Pix photo 6 Engagement Pix photo 7

Engagement Pix photo 8 Engagement Pix photo 9 Engagement Pix photo 10 

Engagement Pix photo 11 Engagement Pix photo 12

we had a great time! we have a lot more pictures - too many to post...

thank you lawrence ha!

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went to SF flower market and bought these!

floral trials photo 1 floral trials photo 2

and my centerpiece trial:

step one: floral trials photo 3 water in vase!

step two: floral trials photo 4 dip hydrangea in alum (spice) powder - to increase life of hydrangea...

step three: floral trials photo 5put all the flowers you like in the vase! :P

 floral trials photo 6

i put hydrangea (1), football mums (LOVE, 2), white dalias (1), pale yellow dalias (2), yellow roses (3), yellow ball thingys (billy bobs?, 3), solidago (yellow/green things, as many as i like!)...total estimated cost per CP, including the vase: $16 (not too bad, in my opinion)...

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this seamstress is amazing and affordable! check out her reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/thuys-pro-bridal-alterations-milpitas

thuy is super professional, listened to what I liked/disliked and kept repinning til i was satisfied!

my total (quote): $260, hem + french bustle + cups :P (i love the way my dress looks!)

 dress fitting photo 1  dress fitting photo 2