Aug 29, 2009

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our tasting was delicious! the catering company terra hooked us up with is called devoted catering (based out of the east bay)...

our passsed h'orderves will be: seared ahi with mango salsa, duck spring rolls and shanghai lumpia.

we are having food stations: a pacific delight station (asian) and a carving/californian station (steak/potatoes)...

our PACIFIC DELIGHTS station will have:

1. Lechon (filipino pig) 2. RICE, of course 3. Chef's choice Fish

4. what s for dinner photo 1 Teriyaki chicken skewers

5.what s for dinner photo 2 Asian citrus salad (w/ jicama! yummmmm)

the CARVING/CALIFORNIAN station will have:

1. what s for dinner photo 3 tri tip steak & grilled vegetables

2. what s for dinner photo 4 mashed potato/yam bar + fixings (in martini glasses!)

the DESSERT station will have 2 or 3 of the following + fruit display + coffee/tea:what s for dinner photo 5

we will also have a CANDY BUFFET...and of course wedding CAKE/cupcakes...

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Cake tasting and inspirations photo 1 Cake tasting and inspirations photo 2 Cake tasting and inspirations photo 3

my tasting with jasmine rae bakery 5.21.2009:

Cake tasting and inspirations photo 4 

clockwise from the top row...

1. coconut cake filled w/ passionfruit curd topped w/coconut whip cream & toasted coconut flakes (my fave!)

2. coconut cake filled w/coconut chocolate ganache topped w/chocolate frosting & toasted coconut flakes

3. coconut cake filled w/almond paste+rum+coconut milk topped w/coconut whip cream & raw coconut flakes

4. cornmeal cake with fresh strawberry center topped with vanilla buttercream rose frosting

5. chocolate cake with fresh strawberry+coconut cream center topped with cream cheese frosting (his fave!)

MY SETUP INSPIRATION:  Cake tasting and inspirations photo 5

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Ceremony: Shakespeare Garden (Golden Gate Park), San Fran, CA

Reception: Terra Gallery, San Fran, CA

Photography: Lawrence Ha Photography, San Jose, CA

Catering/Event Rentals: Devoted Catering/Hartmann's Rentals, coordinated by the staff at Terra Gallery

Lighting: Terra Gallery

DJ & MC: Spintronix, San Fran, CA (Tony and Charles are awesome!)

Cake: Jasmine Rae Bakery, San Fran, CA

MU & Hair: StylesbyAnn, Milpitas, CA

Photobooth: PartyBooths (nationwide)

String Quartet (ceremony): Stephanie Lai (my sister's friend, she does weddings with her musicians friends all the time! she has an awesome music background! PM me if you want her contact! she is super cool!)

Officiant: Pastor Kevin Lee, ALCF (abudnant life christian fellowship), Mountain View, CA - doing a nondenominational ceremony for us!

Florist/Decor: Angela's Flowers (Santa Clara, CA) for bouquets and boutinneres; DIY centerpieces

Alterations/Seamstress: Thuy's Pro Bridal Alterations, Milpitas, CA

Invitations/Stationary: DIY, Paper Source Company + others (where the sales are!)

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DIY #1: STDs: sent!

my DIY projects photo 1my DIY projects photo 2

DIY mock up: decor for registration table: experimenting...maybe without the lemons? had to use a lot of lemons because they kept floating to the top...neighbors with lemon tree - a plus! arrangement is very heavy though - may be a tranport issue.

my DIY projects photo 3 my DIY projects photo 4 

DIY #2: monogram:

my DIY projects photo 5my DIY projects photo 6

DIY #3: invitations...sent!

my DIY projects photo 7my DIY projects photo 8

 DIY #4: cardbox - done!

my DIY projects photo 9my DIY projects photo 10

DIY #5: table names!!! we're gonna use all the places we visited as table "numbers"; we wanted to display some of the pictures we took while on our trips so i thought of doing a collage...i had postcard paper from papersource i didnt know what to do with (bought sporadically cuz was on sale), so i took three cards, arranged my pictures/table name, punched out holes at the top/bottome and connected them with a ribbon...i liked the way they turned out...i've only just started though...aiming for 16 tables... 

my DIY projects photo 11 my DIY projects photo 12

DIY#6: Centerpieces - see my trial below! here are some samples: my DIY projects photo 13 my DIY projects photo 14

DIY#7: Cupcake stand trial #1 (L) vs. my inspiration cakestand (R)

my DIY projects photo 15   my DIY projects photo 16

then decided to make it more stable with by inserting metal rods --> new one is TALLER (to cover the rods so we didnt have to cut them - no tools to cut them)! - esp, when the 2-tier cake sits at the top!!! so the new taller cake stand is 24" tall :P

my DIY projects photo 17 my DIY projects photo 18my DIY projects photo 19 my DIY projects photo 20

DIY#8: Sign-in/Wish:

my DIY projects photo 21 my DIY projects photo 22

DIY #9 Seating chart - "Sharing with you our travels from around the world...", to match the table names. I glued a blue jeweled embellishment on each country represented. I tried to reproduce the layout of the dining room so guest can orient themselves, with the "Let the world be your dance floor" as a prompt. So using the world map as the dance floor, i hope they can find their tables. It's hard to see in the picture, but on the very bottom of the chart, there is a flower with "You are here..." attached to it to help with orientation. I hope they get it :P...The smaller round on the bottom is our sweetheart's table. I haven't put guest names on them yet but plan on sticking them on the rounds then they are finalized - just trying to anticipate last minute changes...

my DIY projects photo 23               my DIY projects photo 24

DIY # 10 Menu cards - simple but DONE!

my DIY projects photo 25

DIY #11 Ring pillow - made from scraps of my wedding gown and silk flowers from gifts wrapping!

my DIY projects photo 26

DIY #12 Candy Buffet signage

my DIY projects photo 27

DIY #13 Photobooth stuffs

my DIY projects photo 28 my DIY projects photo 29 

the product after the wedding...this worked really well!

my DIY projects photo 30 my DIY projects photo 31

DIY #14 Ceremony program - framed. Basically ran out of time and didnt make programs - but who keeps them anyways? so did this...

my DIY projects photo 32

DIY #15 Parasol basket - gonna have a "like some shade?" sign wrapped around ribbon...took it off already, since posting this picture after the wedding :P

my DIY projects photo 33

DIY #16 THANK YOU CARDS - we decided to include a mini-cd of the photobooth pictures and a few group/guest pro pictures, personalized to each guest that came to the reception. everyone had a blast with the photobooth and we have SOOOOOOOOO many pictures from that so might as well distribute them. we also chose 3 pro pix of us and printed them out wallet size at costco, used a corner cutter to hold the photo and made a thank you logo (in english, chinese and tagalog) - easy peasy! we'll write a personal message on it and sign the card, of course, before we mail them!

my DIY projects photo 34 my DIY projects photo 35

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our colors are yellow (my fave) and blue (his fave).

inspirations YELLOW NAVY photo 1inspirations YELLOW NAVY photo 2  

inspirations YELLOW NAVY photo 3 inspirations YELLOW NAVY photo 4inspirations YELLOW NAVY photo 5

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MY DRESS: W1 White One (sister company of pronovias), style 433 (silk)

ATTIRE photo 1ATTIRE photo 2

MY SHOES are yellow (bandolino elmont - yellow).

  ATTIRE photo 3ATTIRE photo 4ATTIRE photo 5

THE BRIDESMAIDS: J.Crew Silk Tricotine (Sunflower)...with silver shoes and citrine/CZ jewelry ATTIRE photo 6

ATTIRE photo 7ATTIRE photo 8ATTIRE photo 9


 ATTIRE photo 10ATTIRE photo 11