Sep 26, 2009

Steve Padis Jewelry
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My brother purchased my sister-in-law's rings here and referred them to us. They are among 3 or 4 other couples we know who have purchased from Steve Padis in the SF Jewelry Center. I was a little nervous about looking/buying rings at wholesale prices, but it was the best experience!!!! I recommend this place to anyone on a budget that wants a BEAUTIFUL piece of jewelry! We looked at several rings and landed on 2 that I really loved. They were extremely accommodating and VERY professional and never once made us feel inadequate for having a smaller budget than a millionaire. We ended up purchasing an antique-style engagement ring with pave diamonds and wedding band for just over $1000! Great quality, gorgeous and great experience!
Services used: Jewelry

White Aisle
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We purchased our invitations and our programs from Rebecca and her White Aisle team. Contrary to some posts, Rebecca was VERY quick to respond to ANY questions I had and even went out of her way to bring back a discontinued design I had seen on her site last year! Before finding The White Aisle, I searched and searched for wedding invitations that had a old fashioned, vintage feel to them with slight modern accents. The White Aisle had everything I was looking for! They have everything down to invitations, programs, table cards, place cards, jewelry, favors, etc.! It's a one stop shop!! Invitations: Rebecca brought a discontinued design back for us to create our invitations and was with us every step of the way in choosing fonts, colors, formatting and beyond. Our first batch of invitations had a typo on them and Rebecca was EXTREMELY gracious and understanding and sent us a corrected batch well in time for us to send them out to our guests. The invitations even come with a "How-To" page telling you how to put all the components together - something I REALLY appreciated! The quality was absolutely stunning and I would recommend The White Aisle to anyone that has a reverence for good design and well-made products! We spent $500 on 100 invitations that included a sample, custom design, formatting, coloring, proofing, all inner envelopes and custom response cards with printed return addresses AND shipping across the US - they are based in New Hampshire and I am in California! Programs: A few weeks after we sent out our invitations, we received so many compliments on them that we decided to contact Rebecca about creating some programs with the same design we used for the invites. Not only did Rebecca and her team place, process and proof the order in a matter of hours, but they had them at my door a week and a half later - perfectly done!!!!! I am STILL flabberghasted at how fast they arrived! We spent $330 on the programs that included a 4-page custom design, formatting, pre-folded AND shipping across the US. Well WELL worth it!!!!!!! I didn't have to worry ONCE! It's too bad that we can only give Rebecca and her team 5 stars...If I had my way I'd give her 10!
Services used: Favors & Gifts, Invitations

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My brother and his wife used Elite for their DJ and it was the BEST wedding reception BY FAR I have EVER been to!!! There wasn't a lull in the energy the entire night and the DJs were so professional, funny, and really into it! I have to say, the types of guests at this wedding were a bit stuffy and even the Elite guys had them dancing in a conga line!! They played such an array of music that everyone found at least one song to dance to. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! They were so fantastic that I booked them for my wedding this year!!
Services used: DJ