Oct 23, 2010

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The day was October 23, 2010. I will never forget it. I felt like I was literally floating and watching myself. It went by so fast. 

1 week before:

We live in Appleton, Wisconsin and our wedding was in Tucson, Arizona. We flew in a week prior to the wedding and boy, did we have our work cut out for us. This whole week was full of projects; favors, centerpieces, unity candle, place card holders etc. I was extremely stressed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone said I was being quiet, acting sick, and thought something was wrong with me. But by Thursday, I was as calm as ever. 

Non pro pics
unfortunately there are not a lot of these : ( But our photographer ROCKS and she captured so many beautiful memories. I cannot wait to see them. 

Wedding Recap photo 1Wedding Recap photo 2Wedding Recap photo 3Wedding Recap photo 4Wedding Recap photo 5Wedding Recap photo 6
Wedding Recap photo 7Wedding Recap photo 8Wedding Recap photo 9Wedding Recap photo 10Wedding Recap photo 11Wedding Recap photo 12

Professional ones are here!


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All of my bm's have very different personalities and had little arguments amongst each other during a lot of the planning for this wedding. Thursday before the wedding, my girls organized a bachelorette party for me. They all got along and actually LIKE each other now. I am so happy!! It made everything go smoothly. We had so much fun, it was perfect. 


Bachelorette Party photo 1Bachelorette Party photo 2

Bachelorette Party photo 3Bachelorette Party photo 4Bachelorette Party photo 5Bachelorette Party photo 6

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I really love Charlize Therons make up. Trial Run is Aug 15th! Cannot wait! 


Fashion and Beauty photo 1Fashion and Beauty photo 2Fashion and Beauty photo 3Fashion and Beauty photo 4

I just had my makeup and hair trial last weekend. I hardly wear makeup so I thought I looked ridiculous at first haha. But I think it is growing on me. AAANd i forgot to take pictures until I got in the car. Very un PW of me.

Fashion and Beauty photo 5Fashion and Beauty photo 6


For hair, I love the flowy waves look. Either all the way up or half way. Here are some styles I like. 

Fashion and Beauty photo 7Fashion and Beauty photo 8

And MY hair......

Fashion and Beauty photo 9

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We are really trying to do this whole wedding as budget friendly as possible. I searched millions of invites and I could not believe the prices. I am super shocked what people pay! I assume that a lot of them will be thrown out (thats what I do with wedding invitations) so why spend too much? I found these at Anns Bridal Bargains for .48 cents a piece. We ordered 100 invites, reception cards, and response cards along with 25 extra envelopes and had the return addresses printed. We spent...149.00!! They just came in today!

I also made dinner rehearsal invites on shutterfly.

Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2

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A florist will be putting together the wedding party flowers. My bouquet will be purple calla lilies and the girls will be carrying white callas. FI will have purple calla and the boys will have white.

Flowers photo 1 Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4


For centerpieces I am thinking of ordering in bulk purple orchid stems from Sam's club. We have three cylinder vases these will sit in submerged in water with stones. 

Flowers photo 5Flowers photo 6                     Flowers photo 7

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