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My name is Madeline and i was born in Camden, NSW on 12th June 1987 @ 9.15am (i think) in the morning. My mums name is Louise & my dad's name is John. My parents split (for good) and went the sperate ways when i was 18, My dad now lives on his own with his 2 dogs Anna and Jaz and mum lives with my youngest brother. Speaking of brother I have 4 of them one older and three younger. Jonathon 25, Patrick 21, Kurtis 19 & Joshua 16 they are the best borthers anyone could ever ask for. I moved out of home when i was 18 1/2 and my dad thought i would come back in 2 days (proved him wrong lol)

I have lived along the east side of Australia my whole life from Sydney to Townsville and everywhere in between. I have attended 7 different schools both primary and High, lived in 10 different houses in 4 different towns and have met 10,000 of people/friends.

My most greatful acheivement was completing year 12 at Kirwan State High School - Townsville QLD  But my highest acheivements are as follows:- Certificate 3 in Entertainment (retail) Certificate 3 in Buisness Administration, RSA (Resposible Service or Alcohol) & RSG (Responsible Service of Gaming)

I am currently living with my finace Jozef, in our own home that we brought in June 2007, We are due to get married in approx 38 Days (but who's counting) My Finace works for a Fibre Glass Company in Internal sales, he has completed a Certifacte three as a Compostite Technician (boat building) he is addicted to pig hunting, four wheel driving and anything out doors. We have 4 dogs Bundy and Tiny are our oldest then there is Spot and Blade they are still little bubba's.

I enjoy arty craft things such as scrap booking, sewing and the occasional painting. I also love to cook - trying to experientment with different recipes every chance i get. I have always wanted to be a home economics teacher but that will never happen..............

The one thing i am looking forward to is becoming a mum and raising beautiful children just the way my parents did with me I also want to some day travel to New York City, England and Italy. I love to watch t.v and romantic movies on rainy sunday afternoons. I am addicted to Sex & The City and i am holding out to own my very own pair of MANOLOS........

If i had to regret anything in life - It wouldnt be anything as i beleive that everything happens for a reason and if most things didnt happen in my life then i wouldnt be where i am today. HAPPY AND GREATFUL!!!!

Im enjoying life as it comes each and everyday and i LOVE it. I have the best family anyone could ever ask for and i love and miss them all very much. I am looking forward to getting married i cant wait to walk down the aisle to my high school sweetheart in front of all the people i love..........