Jun 21, 2008

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
At first I wasnt too thrilled with Minerva and her staff. Mainly because she hides the real designer tags, so you cant price compare. I think it s wrong, but totally understand where shes coming from. All in all her staff was very helpful, and knew my name each time I came into the shop. They did a great job altering my dress, and made sure that my dress was wrinkle free for the big day!
Services used: Dress & Attire

Winter Park Farmer's Market
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
he WPFM was awesome. Everyone complimented how unique the venue was. A lot had doubts on how it would look as a reception venue, but were purely amazed at how well it cleans up. Its definitely a venue that you have to put some design elements into, but cleans up well! Beulah was great to work with and is best to communicate with via telephone only. The only downfall to the WPFM was that you have to be cleaned up and out of there by midnight, and your not suppose to smoke but people were smoking outside, o-well!
Services used: Wedding Venue

Wedding Elegance/Events
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
If you are alumni or child of alumni... put your name on the books now! Although Rollins is known to have some pretty crazy rules all-in-all it was well worth it... very expensive--but worth it. I bought the insurance that is supposedly required, but they never mentioned anything about it. Ive known people to not buy it and get away with it. The organist was awesome; although expensive for just hour of work! lol
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rentals & Photobooths

Cater Our Wedding
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
Heidi with Cater our Wedding, i.e., Houlihan's was wonderful to work with and for the most part prompt on getting back to my questions/concerns. I saw her through 2 pregnancies, and it wasn't until the few months leading up to the wedding that she became over booked, and needing to take more time to rest with her second pregnancy (I can totally understand that). With that being said we had some miss-communications about the linen and chair rental company she uses, and asked me to use them as well.... Long story short (weeks before my wedding) I find out that the chairs we were set to rent were plastic and not the white wooden chairs I wanted. They didn't even offer those at that company. I also had a difficult time meeting with her to choose linen colors. I ended up having to go to another company spur of the moment; just two and a half weeks before the wedding to rent all my linens, chairs, and cocktail tables... what a mess. I also had a tomato recall during the last weeks of planning and had to change my menu around.... only to find out just days before that it was lifted and we could go back to the normal food. The food was awesome... I can't lie, and the staff put some appetizers away for us so we could try them all... of course the hot stuffed mushrooms were cold by the time we got to it... along with most of our food. The staff would simply drop off our food even if we weren't at the table... so it would sit and get cold. I specifically told "our" server that we were going outside to take more pictures and to not bring our soup to our table until we were back... well when we got back our soup was waiting for us at the table... oh-well! I also had a little issue that occurred during the dancing portion of the reception. After my father/daughter dance I used my grandmother's hankie and place it on the table... well the staff took the hanky from the table... I was frantic! My grandmother has been long gone and it's a very precious item I have to remember her. Luckily my DOC worked with them diligently and they were able to recover it by the end of the evening! wooh! I also heard that they ran out of pasta at some point... and then replenished it 5-10 minutes afterwards... I do recommend them because we had great food, and everyone couldn't stop raving about it. They were also able to customize our menu and I was able to negotiate $5 off per person... which practically made the cocktail hour free! :) They also just passed the different flavors of the cake per table they never asked which flavor each of the guest wanted make sure you specify that in your directions/contracts. I didnt and wish I would have!
Services used: Unique Services

Happy Limo
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
We shopped around for limo companies and found there prices to be the best. They were horrible communicating through e-mail and were difficult to get in touch with on the telephone as well. My MIL sent them the pick-up and drop-off schedule 3 times once 3 months out, and then twice: 2 weeks before, and 1 week before. Both drivers arrived at our houses and had no clue where we were going then had no idea where everyone was being dropped off at. The inside of the stretch navigator was dirty, and the radio barely worked, and to top it the air conditioning blew out hot air! Thankfully my girls and I were somewhat comfortable the stretch Hummers tvs didnt work nor did the radio. The driver who took us home was not friendly at all very unhappy, and threatened to call the cops on my in-laws when he dropped them off because he wanted an imprint of there credit card since they went over there time. My MIL gave an imprint of her credit card and was on file with the company, so there was no need to have to do this step again. He also had no idea where he was going, and it took him two hours to get all the way out to the Narcoossee Rd from Winter Park! The only reason why I dont completely fail them is because they got us to the most important places in a timely manner; the church and reception! Needless to say, our experience wasnt happy!
Services used: Transportation

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Jay is awesome, and kept our party going. He followed all of my request and went above and beyond. He greeted us at the WPFM with drinks in hand for us! Super cool and down to earth! If hes available for your wedding datebook him! Hes totally worth the money. Your DJ makes or breaks your wedding!
Services used: DJ