Oct 10, 2009

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it was a little cold, but the wedding day went beautifully.

check out an awesome slideshow that our photographers put together and posted on their blog.

click play on the video under "DEAN+KIM WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS"


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if you're looking for ideas for bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, its tough! how much to spend? what to buy? don't want something cheesy.

dean decided on charging stations and ties for his guys:

bridesmaids and groomsmen photo 1bridesmaids and groomsmen photo 2

bridesmaids and groomsmen photo 3

these were $44.95 at crate & barrel. we picked them up in the store so no shipping charges. the black ties were ordered from its a great website where every tie is only $15. 

for the bridesmaids i bought them tote bags from and jones new york pashminas. only 3 of my bridesmaids are actually standing up with me because we only wanted 4 people to stand with us. and one of them is doing a reading at our ceremony. so i bought a little extra for them. I wanted to personalize these gifts, so I bought each girl a book and something else I knew they would enjoy. 

bridesmaids and groomsmen photo 4bridesmaids and groomsmen photo 5

bridesmaids and groomsmen photo 6

I did not monogram the totes - but I did buy 7 different colors. I'll coordinate these with their pashmina wrap. I bought the medium sized totes while they were on sale for only $13 each. and I had a free shipping coupon. I bought the pashmina wraps at Marshall's for only $12.99. I had to go to a couple stores to find all the colors I wanted, but it was worth it. these came in gold, purple, chocolate brown, grey, red, and green. 

Other great gift ideas I came up with: cookbooks (the girls standing up with me love to cook), cooking supplies, fiction novels, lotions and body washes. 


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dress: Bridal Extraordinaire

jewelry: various artists on etsy

ceremony/reception site: dad's farm and barn

photographers: The Parsons

food: Nadler's BBQ in Napolean, MO

rentals: All Seasons Rentals in Grandview

music: DJ Andy J 

guitarist: Josh Powell (based out of Columbia, MO)

alterations: Janette Coil in KC - runs alterations shop out of her home in Prairie Village. She is amazing.

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  • rehearsal dinner evite
  • call and book appointments for mani/pedis 10/9
  • email music list to dj
  • update hair appt
  • size 2T cardigan for flower girl
  • champagne bottles for head tables
  • champagne flutes
  • buy extra lights and extension cords
  • chalkboard for cupcake table
  • 3 cake stands of varying height
  • basket for flip flops
  • wheelbarrow for gifts
  • basket for cards
  • earrings
  • sweater for rehearsal dinner outfit
  • groomsmen gifts
  • pashminas for bridesmaids
  • quilts for hay bales on wagon
  • choose father/daughter & mother/son first dance songs
  • practice centerpieces - saturday 9/26
  • dress alterations - saturday 9/26
  • Candles for carved pumpkins
  • DVD cds for camcorder
  • Wire mason jars for hanging
  • Update programs and re-print
  • Fold programs
  • Gifts for younger ushers and officiant
  • Cut, string and hang 5 more tree branches
  • Update rentals with All Seasons
  • Rake leaves
  • Cut and write names on escort cards
  • Trash barrels for kegs
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would like to do a special drink for cocktail hr. if its chilly, we're thinking hot spiked cider.

2 quarts apple cider
2 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
4 shots apple brandy

  1. Heat cider with cloves and cinnamon.
  2. Pour a shot of apple brandy into a mug and fill with cider.

Servings: Approximately eight drinks, depending on mug size.

if its warm: champange and pomegrante cocktail

1 teaspoon fresh pomegranate arils, optional
4 ounces Champagne
1/2 teaspoon store bought pomegranate juice
1 teaspoon cassis
  1. Place fresh pomegranate arils, if using, into a Champagne flute.
  2. Pour Champagne into flute, add pomegranate juice and cassis.

OR Apple Pie Punch:

2 cups apple juice or cider
4 ounces spiced rum
2 ounces cinnamon Schnapps
1 red apple, sliced
  1. Combine apple juice, rum, and Schnapps in a punch bowl or pitcher.
  2. Serve punch over ice and garnish with red apple slices.


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the pictures were extremely important to me. i wanted everything to look natural, not posed. and i was willing to pay for quality. so we've hired The Parsons from KC to photograph our day. these are seriously some of the coolest people and they are really, really good at their job. the pictures speak for themselves:

engagement pics photo 1engagement pics photo 2

engagement pics photo 3engagement pics photo 4engagement pics photo 5

engagement pics photo 6engagement pics photo 7

we love how the pictures turned out. if you are a bride in the KC area, and want to work with two awesome photographers who take amazing pictures, then go to