May 15, 2010

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Our story, however far fetched it might seem, began in the summer of 2006 when we found one another, aboard the Disney Wonder. What we once thought to be a mere coincidence has proven to be more than just a brush with fate... our belief is that God had a hand in the love that cultivated from the time we met and on.

I (Brooke) had been traveling with my family to enjoy a luxurious 3 day four night Disney Cruise. The year before we had pulled together a surprise birthday celebration for my grandmothr who had turned 70 years old. The entire bash lasted for a total of seven days. Thus, the following year we were determined to make my Uncle Tommy feel just as loved by giving another celebration. Determined to make it as grand as my grandmother's celebration, we booked a trip on the Disney Cruise, and surprised him; then after the cruise we would head to Orlando and continue celebrating for an additional five days. Needless to say the time spent with my family was fabulous. Yet at sixteen years old I knew that a cruise (especially a Disney cruise) would have fun things for my generation to do. My sister Nicole had heard about a teen hang out, and eagery we fled the familial scene to have our own party. Upon arriving at the teen club we noticed a lack of enthusiasm among the other teens. Nicole saw this as a doorway to start a conversation with a teen from Philly, who didn't seem the least bit interested in talking (to anyone). I myself find it a bit more difficult to just put myself out there and resorted to sitting next to another teen who was working the cd player. Looking around it was obvious that this crowd was not intersted in meeting new friends.

Yet just as I sat down a very attractive young man came up into the loft followed by another young man. His eyes were dark and his smile was bright... I just had too introduce myself! Thus, I walked right up to him and said, "Hi, I'm Brooke Newborn and I'm from Pennsylvania." With hand stretching towards him he took the bait and followed my example.

"Hi, I'm Cameron Miller and this is my friend Cole. We're from Selmer, TN."

And just like that my life changed. From that day on we never went to bed without speaking at least once. Months later Cameron invited me to a wedding that was going to take place at Graceland, (Elvis' house) and he wanted me to come as his date. I was only 16, and I as well as my parents were skeptical. They said no (duh) and I was sort of glad... I have watched way too many Oprah shows that deal with abductions... the Natalie Holloway story... Lacey Peterson just to name a few. I never imagined what was going to happen next. However a few days later my mother and father relented and helped me buy a plane ticket to Nashville. We were all nervous since I rarely traveled on planes, much less all alone. Yet there I was, boarding a plane that was going to a place I had never been.

My mother usually picks up just as I get to this part of the story. She says that the day that my flight left for Tennessee she was panic stricken. Just what sort of parent allows her child to go to a strange place to visit a strange family. Then she recalls a strange feeling that overwhelmed her... the feeling of 'calmness'. The rest of the weekend was still nerve racking, she reveals. "Yet somehow I think God was trying to tell me that I was sending my daughter down to meet her future family."

For me the entire trip went by in a hurried blurr. We went to a movie; he took me to the wedding where I taught him a bit about ballroom dance; and danced again when we got back to his parents house. The next day just before I boarded the plane, Cameron gave me an early Christmas gift (this was the weekend of December 10th, 2006) and as he hugged me he told me that he loved me for the first time. I had already told him my feelings, yet he had never said anythng back. Yet after the past weekend he felt that he was ready to reveal his feelings about me as well.

After dating for a year,he asked me to mary him in front of Cinderella's Castle. I almost thought that he was joking until he pulled out a lovely box that held one carat round cut solitaire. (I always wanted my ring to be exactly one carat to symbolize the fact that we were "one".