Aug 08, 2010

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( 4.6 / 5.0 )
This is our "guestbook" picture frame. We got the "smaller than smallest" guestbook frame and opted for 8x8 frame, which was a lot cheaper and and perfect for our small wedding. It worked out pretty well on our wedding day, and many people signed.
Services used: Unique Services

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My dress is beautiful, and good quality, but the hassle with dealing with arrival date was such a big hassle. I ordered the gown in late March/early April for my August wedding, and they assured me that they will get it in time for alterations. At first they said they will have it in by May. May comes along and I call and they said it will be here in the end of June. End of June comes along and they STILL don't have my gown. FINALLY it came in mid July. And then they have the alteration lady come in once a week only, and that week was full, so I would have to take the next appointment, which was third week of July, so in order for me to get it for my early August wedding, I would have to pay more to rush the alterations, when in the whole time they KNEW my wedding was August 8 and they kept on assuring me it will be here in time, but in the end, I would have to pull out lots of extra money in order to have it altered by them. But in a way I'm glad, because otherwise I wouldn't hav e met my seamstress.
Services used: Dress & Attire

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Becky Fowlers Bridal
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I can't add enough pluses about this lady. She is the nicest lady I've met and works out of her home. The alterations she did for me (French bustle, bra cups sewn in, having the corset taken in, and the gown shortened) were all wonderful work. And she is VERY (almost surprisingly) affordable. Due to a mixup (she wrote down the wrong date which I pick up the gown, and when I went, she wasn't finished with my gown), she was very apologetic and even threw in a bunch of freebies (such as $28 off her already affordable prices, a free veil and a free hair flower - all very good quality)! I had bought hair flowers and a veil before, but I ended up using hers. HIGHLY recommended.
Services used: Dress & Attire

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Bella Capelli Hair Studio
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
Christie did an awesome job on my hair and Traci an awesome job on my makeup. They both came to my cabin to do it, and it didn't take too long, and I felt beautiful afterwards. Recommended if you're getting married in Estes Park.
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We used a packaged deal from them. In all together, they're providing:

* officiant with custom ceremony
* flowers (bouquet and boutonniere)
* cake decorated with the same flowers
* sparking cider or champagne for toasting
* hors d'oeurvres for our "cocktail" hour
* reception dinner coordination (although the dinner itself cost separate)
* videographer for just the ceremony (which they hired Colorado Digital video, reviewed below)

The pros - the ceremony was pretty good, the flowers were beautiful, the cake was pretty tasty, the hor d'oeurvres were delicious and organized, and things pretty much ran smoothly.

The only bad part with them is that they are not very good with keeping in touch. During the four months when we're planning the wedding, there would be many, MANY times when I'd email and get no reply for weeks, if that. In addition, I didn't get my ceremony 'til *4 days before the wedding*, and I thought it would be at least 10 days. They stated "10 days or so" in the email, which I guess 4 days = 10 days or so. Also, I had requested wedding bubbles - I searched and found myself mentioning bubbles in *3 emails*, but didn't get that either (maybe it got lost in their emails). So, if you are a low key kind of bride and want someone else to handle everything and not care about the progress until the week of the wedding, they would do a good job, but if you want to know the status and progress of things as they go along, it might not work as well.

Edited after the response: So people with "full coordinating services" had the luxury of more email responses and their ceremony maybe more than 4 days before the wedding. So how much would adding this on would've cost me? So, what would you have had to email other companies? The bubbles?
Services used: Officiant, Unique Services
Marry Me In Colorado
Response from MMIC - While we enjoyed working with Jacki, she opted out of using our full services that would have encompassed more of her needs. She would have benefited more from full coordinating services to accommodate her needs that were outside of the scope of our services. While we assisted her over and above, we would respond to multiple emails by consolidating them into one reply, and those that needed to be sent to other companies were forwarded to them for reply.