May 15, 2010

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How We Met:

During the late spring of 2002, I worked at our local library. I first saw Thomas signing up for a library card and computer access. He had just moved to town. I saw him almost every day that summer using the computers, but we never talked. He was new, and hadn't made many friends yet so he spent most of his time online with his old friends on a Multi player role-play game called Runescape (a similar game to world of warcraft). I've always been a huge nerd, and the game looked like a lot of fun. I wanted to ask him what it was, but I never worked up the guts to go and say 'Hi." I was a little sneaky and had one of my co-workers (also a nerd) ask him what it was. My co-worker and I went home that night and signed up for an account. We were hooked! I played the game pretty often and was getting better at it. Finally, in January 2003, Thomas' best friend Zach, who also frequented the library, introduced the two of us.

Thomas and I hung out a few times and it wasn't long before I had a huge crush. Using Runescape as an excuse to hang out with him, we played online together every chance we could. It wasn't long before I was kicking  his butt at the game. We immediately liked eachother, but were both a little hesitant. He was 16, and I was getting ready to turn 18, so dating felt awkward. We settled on becoming best friends. We have spent (literally) almost every day together since then.

We couldn't be seperated. We did everything together. Movies, grocery shopping, chores, homework. We drove our parents crazy because we spent so much time on the phone. On St. Patricks Day we talked particularly late, till after midnight and he asked me to be his girlfriend. We started dating "officially."

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On my 21st birthday, September 17th 2007, he gave me a promise ring. It's my birthstone, a sapphire and two diamonds. We both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but he was still in high school and I was a sophomore in college. We knew we weren't in a position to get married, but we knew we were going to be together.

June of 2008, after Thomas graduated we moved in together. We spent the whole summer decorating our own little apartment. We decided as long as living together went well, and our finances held out, we would set a date to get married. In January 2009 he took me ring shopping and we picked out my e-ring.

He's making the final payments on the ring and will propose to me "offically" sometime soon. :) UPDATE: He's told me the ring is paid off... and now is torturing me because he wants to surprise me with the ring. I'm under strict orders not to try and figure out where he's hidden it in the house! Ughh!  

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My e-ring:

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Update coming soon!

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In the begining we had started with a $5,000 budget... then it grew to $7,000 ... then to $12,000.... it was getting out of control!! We had a deposit down on a gorgeous venue... but it was just too far out of our price range and also required we use specific caterers who hat astronomical prices and poor customer service. :( Bye bye  fairytale venue...  :(

After a long painful reality check, my FI and I realized that a big expensive wedding day was not the right choice for us. We've decided instead to have a very intimate service with only our immediate family and friends. Afterwards, we're holding our reception at one of our favorite restaurants.

Budget $5,000.00

Ceremony/ Church Rental: $550
Officiant: $350
Photographer $450
DJ $600
Catering: $1,500.00
Florist: $400.00
Dress: $778.00
Alterations: ??
Guy's Attire: ??
Shoes, jewelry etc: ??
Invitations, programs and other printables: ??



Wedding Date: May 15th 2010


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About Me: Beka

A Little Bit About Us photo 1

- I'm an overachiever.

- I attend college full time and work 50+ hours a week at my job.

- I'm studying to be a technical writer, my degree is in english.

- I can't wait to marry my best friend : )

- I'm the baby in the family (youngest of my siblings, and my cousins.)

- I love olives and dill pickles.

- I have 65 pounds to lose before my wedding. I've already lost 15! Only 49 to go!


About Him: Thomas 

A Little Bit About Us photo 2

- He's the baby in his family.

- First in his family to graduate high school.

- First in his family to go to college.

- He is earning his degree in criminal justice.

- Wants to be a Indiana State Police Officer or a K9 unit

- Hates olives and dill pickles

- Loves watching House, Lie to Me and Hell's Kitchen

- Talks in his sleep every night!