Oct 10, 2009

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Wedding photo 1

Wedding photo 2

Wedding photo 3

Wedding photo 4

Wedding photo 5

Wedding photo 6More to come....

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Engagement Ring photo 1Engagement Ring photo 2Engagement Ring photo 3Engagement Ring photo 4

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Reception photo 1Candy Bar with some red thrown in there

Reception photo 2Reception photo 3Something like this for half of my tables. 

Reception photo 4and this for the other half maybe

Reception photo 5This being used somewhere not sure. Might do it something like.......

Reception photo 6THIS! The branches with the acorns on it at the sign in table.

Reception photo 7the vase that the tree sits in. Maybe a little different stuff in the vases very earthy

Reception photo 8Inspiration for cake

Reception photo 9Grooms cake

Reception photo 10cake table with vases with rocks in them for mine and BM bouquets with candles and petals around.

Reception photo 11Drink bar inspiration

Reception photo 12Reception photo 13Reception photo 14Reception photo 15Reception photo 16Reception photo 17Pumpkins everywhere, but unique pumpkins.

Reception photo 18maybe something like this on the food table with pumpkins instead of apples and a brown ribbon tied around.

Reception photo 19These also on the food tables with brighter red berries and orange candles with brownish ribbons.



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Wedding attire photo 1My dress       

Wedding attire photo 2BM dress in chocolate brown


Wedding attire photo 3My FI and his guys suits with dark red vest and ties.

Wedding attire photo 4Dress A.) orWedding attire photo 5B.) for flower girl dress!

Wedding attire photo 6Flower girl throwing this

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Ceremony inspiration photo 1These on the end of the isle with brown ribbon and orange and red gerber daisies.

Ceremony inspiration photo 2The alter like this. The curly willow fused together with red and orange gerber daisies. Still trying to figure out how to get wheat in there.

Ceremony inspiration photo 3BM bouquet

Ceremony inspiration photo 4My bouquet inspiration with a little different accents

Ceremony inspiration photo 5Guys bout.


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wedding colors photo 1wedding colors photo 2wedding colors photo 3We are going for red and brown with orange accents! Very fall, vintage, rustic