Feb 27, 2010

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We are getting our cakes from Cakes by Dot. Dot is quite possibly the sweetest lady on the planet and her cakes are so yummy!

My cake will be a 4 tier white cake with white choc mousse filling similar in style to this:

Cakes photo 1

His cake will be a 2 tier choc cake with choc mousse filling, fudge icing and ganche. It will have a picture of our dog Bella on the top:

Cakes photo 2

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I'm still not really sure what I am doing for flowers.  Here is my inspiration:Flowers photo 1

At first I wanted all red. Now I'm leaning more toward red with white/ cream and light green accents.




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My wonderful BMs will be wearing the below dress


BMs photo 1

With pearls and black strappy heels


And here they are:

BMs photo 2

Me, Jenny, Michelle (my MOH), Ori and Emily

BMs photo 3

Katie (in Vegas)

BMs photo 4

(my cousin Danielle)

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We will be getting married on February 27th 2010 in my hometown of Richardson, TX.  We have been engaged since December 25th of 2008 and this is what we have nailed down so far:

  • The church:
    • The Heights Baptist Church: http://www.theheights.org/
    The wedding photo 1
  • Reception:
    • http://www.ci.garland.tx.us/Home/Departments/Recreation+and+Cultural+Services/Garland+Arts/PA3-B+The+Atrium_landing.ht

The wedding photo 2The wedding photo 3

  • Photographer:
    • http://www.hanseldobbs.net/
  • Caterers:
    • http://www.guesswhoscomingtodinnercaterers.com/
    • DJ:
      • http://www.melmemdj.com/
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    Garrett  and I met through mutual friends while attending college at Texas State University.  We met at a dinner one night.  His buddies told him there was a girl he had to meet because I was too tall for all of them. Ha!  I saw him and thought he was cute and told my girlfriends he kind of looked like Jesus in Chucks. :)  (He had long hair and a beard back then).  We hung out and talked that night and I would see him again a few more times, but he would never ask for my number.  Finally he got my number from a friend and we went on our first date. That was 4 years ago this month! Since then we have both graduated form college (in 2007) and are now living in Pearland, Tx.