Sep 06, 2009

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Our fabulous photographer - Kelly Chandler - has updated a sneak peek to some of our wedding pics on her blog!  We love them and can't wait to get the rest!!

Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 1Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 2Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 3Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 4Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 5Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 6Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 7Sneak Peek Wedding Pics photo 8



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Cake Inspirations photo 1Cake Inspirations photo 2Cake Inspirations photo 3Cake Inspirations photo 4Cake Inspirations photo 5

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My amazing groom to be is a bit of a fashionista/o (?) so there is no questioning the fact that he is into what's he's going to be wearing ...

So far he is really loving this Joseph Abboud Tux ... He would wear it with an Ivory waistcoat/vest.

Right now we're trying to find the right one ...We are looking for an Ivory silk ascot or cravat ...

If you have any ideas where we can get one .... please let me know!

Groom s Groomsmen s Attire photo 1Groom s Groomsmen s Attire photo 2or maybe the cravat/ascot would be worn like this instead?Groom s Groomsmen s Attire photo 3 or this ... 

Groom s Groomsmen s Attire photo 4

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I'm thinking that with my dress I would like to wear just earrings ... Large, chandelier earrings and a large bracelet.

Since my colors are pistachio green and gold, and, generally, I tend to be a yellow gold girl, I would like to find something yummy in yellow gold but I haven't had much luck ...   

Luurrrve this bracelet ...

Accessories photo 1

however, I'm SO loving this one by Dayna Saylor on Etsy as well!!! Maybe just with 3 rows instead of 5? and with ivory pearls and possibly golden shadow crystals??

Accessories photo 2


YAY!  I FOUND MY WEDDING SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love them and think that they will be perfect with my dress!  I'm so excited!

Stuart Weitzman - Eiffel, Jeweled T-Strap

Accessories photo 3


Accessories photo 4Accessories photo 5


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I found my amazing veil at - amazing customer service and quality products, by the way ... I love these girls!!  They were a dream to deal with!

I covet this veil!  It is by Fenaroli for Regalia.  It is single layer, cut edge, Cathedral length, dramatic and just a little bit different with the clip detail in the back – everything that I wanted!  I can't wait to see it with my dress and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will work.

Now, I just have to DIY the top two tiers so that my veil will frame my face.  For some reason that just looks better on me than does a single layer.  I’ll keep you updated as to how that turns out!

 My Veil photo 1My Veil photo 2My Veil photo 3My Veil photo 4My Veil photo 5

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