Sep 26, 2009

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i could not have asked for a better day to marry my best friend.

the weather was amazing.  we had a perfect weekend with our closest family and friends.

so many laughs, lots of dancing, only a few tears and an overall great time.

everything went off without a hitch and was exactly how we had hoped, right down to the sprig of rosemary tucked neatly in front of every menu :)


  • while i hate the fact that i regret anything from this day because i truly had a great time, there are a few things i wish i could change....
  • i am beyond crushed that we did not take a few pictures in places that i had been so looking forward to...we got so caught up in the moment of dancing and laughing and loving life with all of our friends and family that we didn't get to wisk away to those few secret spots we had been hoping to take a photo at
  • another thing (the second regret and the last) is my hair...while i LOVED how my hair came out and was so happy with it at the ceremony, once i started to get down on the dancefloor (haha) my heavy hair was just too much and the curls kept falling loose.  it looked a little silly and wish the style ended up holding all night, but what are you going to do?  :)


  • walking down the aisle with my dad...having that couple of uninterrupted minutes with him, walking side by side, knowing that it was not only one of the most important days of my life, but also of his life, was priceless.  truly a moment i hope to never forget. 
  • getting ready with hair, makeup and getting dressed with all of my bridesmaids and my mom in the house we rented...such a fun time, really great to spend that time with all of them, we got to have a nnice breakfast and munch of sandwiches for lunch all while chatting, listening to music and getting excited! and it got me relaxed and ready for the night :)
  • seeing my HUSBAND look at me (from a far distance ha!) as i turned the corner to walk down the aisle towards him and then seeing his face up close when i met him at the end of the aisle.  once i saw him i truly felt at ease and from then on i wasn't the least bit nervous!  i must really love him ;)
  • smiling the ENTIRE time.  from the start of the most beautiful ceremony possible to the end of the night (around 5:30AM) when i fell asleep i had the biggest smile on my face :)


  • the flip flop basket!  cannot tell you how much people raved about this!  my friends could not put them on fast enough and there was only one pair to spare at the end of the idea :)
  • the food!  wow, the food was amazing and people really enjoyed their meals...we had a great salad, a first course, which was wild mushroom ravioli and a main dish, a choice between a ridiculously amazing chicken saltimbocca in a sun dried tomato sauce and a beef tenderloin with white tuscan beans...mmmm!  people loved the food and are still talking about it :)
  • the songs.  our guests could not have had better things to say to or about our DJ!  he played the best songs and really kept the dance floor packed!  and during dinner (which the guest also loved) he played a great list of "dinner music" which consisted of some michael buble, frank sinatra, the fray, john mayer, etc. so that everyone had a chance to have conversations with each other while eating and enjoy their meals and themselves...then, once dinner was over, they were ready to party ;)
  • the ceremony.  wow.  i don't even know where to start.  this honestly looked like it came straight out of a movie!  the vineyard was beautiful, lush and green.  the flowers were goregous.  the priest was hilarious.  he did a great job of combining a really serious moment with one that would leave a lasting impression on the guests as well.  and it was not boring!  such a plus, since a lot of ceremonies i have been to in the past have made you kind of want to snooze and seemed much longer than necessary.  and the butterfly release (done by my aunt) as brandon and i walked back down the aisle as husband and wife was too beautiful.  such a special touch and so happy we did this :)
  • and hopefully there was so much more! :)
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Love this post-wedding chop :)

Love this post wedding chop photo 1

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Since we used the same caterer as this couple I found on, we will also have this style menu tucked into the napkin and adorned with a fresh sprig of rosemary :)

Liz and Zack’s escort cards were hand-written and tucked into corks for each guest. Each place setting held a menu tucked into a white napkin and was accented with a fresh sprig of rosemary -- the couple’s favorite herb.

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I love anything sweet, so when it came to the tasting for the cake, I was in heaven :)

Our caterer, A Small Affair in East Quogue, Long Island is amazing!

This is our cake.  It was buttercream cake with rasberry filling and buttercream frosting :)

 Sweet Tooth photo 1

                                                                                                                                                         Liz and Zack’s wedding cake was a three-tiered, round, lemon cake with raspberry filling covered in white buttercream and decorated with bands of raffia ribbon and green cymbidium orchids.

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a few pics from my hair trial

Hair Trial photo 1

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My Ring photo 1