Jan 30, 2010

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I asked my photographer for a few teasers so I can make our Thank You cards on Shutterfly. Here we are!! :)

PRO TEASERS photo 1      PRO TEASERS photo 2



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Here are some Non-Pro pictures of our BIG DAY!! :)

Wedding Pics Non pro photo 1Wedding Pics Non pro photo 2Wedding Pics Non pro photo 3<< Ryan and his mom :)

Wedding Pics Non pro photo 4Wedding Pics Non pro photo 5

Wedding Pics Non pro photo 6Wedding Pics Non pro photo 7Wedding Pics Non pro photo 8Wedding Pics Non pro photo 9

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Rehearsal was great, especially considering the large size of our bridal party. What can I say, we have great friends!! :)

Rehearsal Dinner photo 1Rehearsal Dinner photo 2Rehearsal Dinner photo 3Rehearsal Dinner photo 4

We had an AMAZING rehearsal dinner afterwards hosted by Ryan's mom. We had it at Eaglebrooke Golf Clubhouse and it was so beautiful. She gave us a toast/speech that made EVERYONE cry it was so touching. I am marrying into such a wonderful family :)

Rehearsal Dinner photo 5Rehearsal Dinner photo 6

We gave out gift bags to all of our bridal party (golf themed for the guys and frame, champagne flute,jewelry, bridesmaid tank & flip flops for the girls),personalized albums for our parents, and frames for the grandparents. Ryan gave me the "I Love You" hear pendant necklace from Tiffany's and I had to take him outside to give him his boudoir album!! :) It was like Christmas in there! :)

Rehearsal Dinner photo 7Rehearsal Dinner photo 8

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My bachelorete party was the weekend after New Years and we had a blast!! We had about 9 girls for the weekend and we stayed in Orlando. We went to Church Street Friday Night & Wall Street Saturday night. My girls made sure I had a BLAST all weekend! My new favorite shot-- the OATMEAL COOKIE. O_M_G it is sooooooo good!!! :)

Bachelorette Party photo 1Bachelorette Party photo 2Bachelorette Party photo 3Bachelorette Party photo 4

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I don't have many pics on my computer of my shower but it was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! My friend opened her gorgeous house for us and made a FEAST! She had my baker create a mini version of our wedding cake and the florist make a similar centerpiece that we will be using at the reception. Isn't she amazing?!?! :)

Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 1   Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 2

Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 3<< Just 1 of our very awesome gifts! Loaded with all kinds of goodies!

Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 4<< Me & my Dad- he's ready to load presents & get some CAKE!! :)



My lingerie shower was a month later and was sooo much fun!! My sister (MOH) and some of my bridesmaids hosted this shower and it was mildly inappropriate/awesome fun!! HAHA! We had lots of appys & snacks, champagne, sangria, lingerie cookies & a bustier cake :) After I opened all my lingerie, they picked out an outfit and made me model it!! Not so bad right, yea well my FMIL was there and that was just a bit embarrassing!!! :) She was a great sport and took a picture with me all decked out! :P

We had some FUNNY games, let me tell you! They had each girl decorate a pair of paper cut out panties and hang them on a clothesline, they did "hot potato" with a wrapped TEDDY. They said whoever ends up with it ha to model it. Of course, since I had to that a few minutes before, NO ONE wanted to end up with that damn present. I was the "winner" so I had to go in the room and put on another teddy. Well, the cute part was that it was a TEDDY BEAR! So everyone had a good laugh with that! Everyone also had to write me a piece of marital/sexual advice and I had to read them out loud so that was pretty funny! The best game to me was that they called Ryan and asked him 20 ??'s about us- where me met, craziest sex place, my fave position, etc. For everyone I got wrong I had to stuff a large gum ball in my mouth. Yea, towards the end, I coudnt even speak I had so many balls in my mouth (eeew! Sorry- no other way 2 say it!! hahaha)

Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 5< Me & my sis/fab hostess :)Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 6

Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 7Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 8Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 9Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 10Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 11<< Here I am in all my glory with my Mom & FMIL!!!! Goodness Gracious!

Ohh yea, they also had my friend's husband who is a cop come over in FULL uniform to "arrest" me. some of our guests (FMIL for one!!) got pretty freaked out we were about to have a strip show, but thankfully James just came over for some food :) :)

Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 12Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 13Bridal Shower Lingerie Shower photo 14

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We chose a 5 layer round cake with 4 different YUMMY flavors!

1. White cake wth fresh strawberry filling and buttercream icing

2. Dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling

3. Vanilla chai spice cake with cream cheese icing (double tier-- OMG to DIE FOR!!!)

4. Chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse (Ryan's fave combo, even though he hates cake!)


My inspiration was Beltranbride's gorgeous cake!

The Cake photo 1

My florist said anenome flowers are very fragile and may droop on the cake. The silk flowers just weren't cutting it so my amazing wedding coordinator/bff bought me these FABULOUS clay flowers from Etsy. Real anenomes have black centers so we were able to customize the order for chocolate brown centers and they are truly a work of art! I need to make some sort of shadow box frame so I can display them now after the wedding! :)

Here are my flowers:

The Cake photo 2The Cake photo 3

Here's the end result of MY CAKE :)

The Cake photo 4 The Cake photo 5