Jan 30, 2010

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Our wedding colors are toffee, chocolate brown, ivory and champagne. The theme is chic elegance meets nature meets New Orleans. Haha we just added the New Orleans aspect, and it will mainly show up in our menu, table names, and favors. Only very subtle hints of NOLA!!

Some Inspiration photo 1Some Inspiration photo 2Some Inspiration photo 3Some Inspiration photo 4

We will be using chocolate linens with gold chargers, like the pic below but square chargers and long rectangular tables.


Our centerpieces will be tall vases with willow branches, lots and lots of candlelight, and random vases of fresh flowers, all ivory/white. I am loving tulips and roses.. :)

 Some Inspiration photo 5 Some Inspiration photo 6Some Inspiration photo 7Some Inspiration photo 8Some Inspiration photo 9Some Inspiration photo 10Some Inspiration photo 11Some Inspiration photo 12<<last 2 pics by PW, Vikasarous :)

love these centerpieces!!!! SassyBride080109>>>>>>>>>> Some Inspiration photo 13

OoOoOoOOhhhh.. FEATHERS :) :)

who doesnt love a little touch of feathers? I found an awesome pic online of a centerpiece I would like to imitate, now i can't find it anywhere (imagine that!) Anyhow, it was a tall Eifel tower vase with curly willow spraying from the top and just a few ostrich feathers. It was very subtle and elegant. I will be using feathers sparingly: my bouquet, BM bouquets, a few centerpieces, and i would like to DIY these shoes..... :)

Some Inspiration photo 14Some Inspiration photo 15Some Inspiration photo 16

We will be doing assigned table numbers, our name cards will be chocolate cardstock with gold lettering, inspired from kristeen (pw) & this knot picture:

 Some Inspiration photo 17Some Inspiration photo 18

I got this pic from TheKnot, and this is how our escort card table will be decorated. Even have the wooden table like this pic! YAY :)

Some Inspiration photo 19

I *love* chandeliers and just HAD to have some at the wedding! I ordered 8 mini (26") chandeliers from Ebay to hang around the reception. I plan on spray painting them gold and buying additional crystals to hang on them.

 Some Inspiration photo 20

Inspired by SarahinWonderland:

Some Inspiration photo 21


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I really, really, really wanted an outdoor wedding, but I compromised and we are having an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. We chose Hollis Garden in Lakeland and the Lake Mirror Center for the reception. Here is  a photo of the Garden:

                                  The Venue photo 1

          The Venue photo 2The Venue photo 3

And the view from our reception hall:

The Venue photo 4



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                                     On one knee photo 1

I knew we were going to get married, we had already picked out the ring, I was just waiting for the BIG question!! It seems like the 3 months leading up to it, I was constantly on alert. Everytime he would come home and we would go out, I would make sure I was dressed really nice and had my camera, ready to capture the moment. Towards the middle of January, I started to get a little anxious. I had already graduated, given my notice to leave my job (to move to VA with him), my apartment lease was almost up, and no ring!!

The next time he came home, we went to his family's house for a birthday party. After cake & presents, his cousin suggested we all walk down to the lake to get some family pictures. Being the photo-happy family that they are, I did not think anything of it. We got a big group picture and then started taking individual families. Ryan and I sat on a porch swing and cheesed for the picture. His family was lined up in front of us, and right after the picture Ryan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited, I couldn't cry!! I started jumping around and hugging everyone. We walked down to the edge of the lake and Ryan had set up a table out there with roses and champagne. I am so happy he chose to propose this way because we have tons of pictures and one cousin even videotaped it (I was so oblivious! Just posing for my picture!!) After doing a toast with the family, we had to drive Ryan back to the airport- he had a plane to catch back to VA in 3 hours!!


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Hey there! My finace and I have been dating for a little over 3 years and live in Central Florida, technically! We are up in Richmond, VA for Ryan's job, and not sure how long we will be here. His company requires him to travel for months at a time, in the past 2 years he has "lived" in 4 states! After I graduated from USF in December, Ryan proposed and now I am traveling with him. :)

I am new to PW but I have found my second love!! I have spent so many hours browsing on here, its embarrassing!!

We had date night on Saturday.. here are a few of our mugshots!!! :)

Who we are photo 1Who we are photo 2Who we are photo 3Who we are photo 4