Sep 12, 2009

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I bought this dress for $850 about 10 years ago. It is just beautiful, but no "The" dress anymore.  It has never been warn, only tried on.  It has been in a bag in my closet and has no stains or rips.  I am not sure what a dress like this would go for, so make me an offer. 

It's a BridalsOriginal in a size 4.  The train is detachable.  Please pm me if you have any questions.

For Sale photo 1For Sale photo 2For Sale photo 3For Sale photo 4For Sale photo 5For Sale photo 6For Sale photo 7



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My beautiful dress I got from AMiller here on PW.  It's just beautiful!

Brides Attire photo 1Brides Attire photo 2Brides Attire photo 3Brides Attire photo 4



Brides Attire photo 5Brides Attire photo 6


Flip Flops

I was born & raised in MT, so i have never warn a pair of heals in my entire life.  I am more of a comfort kind of girl.  Because of that I have decided to get a pair of flip flops for when my feet are just killing me.  :)  I got them at TJ Maxx for $19.99

Please excuse the crummy phone pics. 

Brides Attire photo 7 Brides Attire photo 8



I just fell in love with the beautiful jewlery that SummerBride here on PW creates, but thought that I would try to recreate one myself.  I bought my brooch at Herbergers on sale for $13.00 and the rest of the supplies at WalMart. 

Brides Attire photo 9

I will be making 4 of the same bracelets for my bridesmaids. 



Brides Attire photo 10Brides Attire photo 11Brides Attire photo 12






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Here is my completed invitation.  I will be sending it out just like this, no envelope.

DIY photo 1DIY photo 2

This is the back of the envelope.

DIY photo 3

Close up of the invitation wording. It took me forever to find the right font. I wanted one that was elegant but not too frilly.  I found this one on

We have changed the date to September 12th, 2009.  I want to have a fall wedding, but decided that October in MT would be way too cold.  We usually have snow on the ground by the middle of the month.  I decided to bump it up a month. 

This is our monogram.  Again, to find the right fonts took me forever.  I bought the graphics from (thanks to the creative girls at work in the graphics department for suggesting this site)

DIY photo 4



Because I am on a VERY tight budget, I have decided to grow all of my flowers as they are my fave anyhow.  I am planting over 1000 sunflower plants this spring and cross my fingers, they will grow this year like they did last. 

The wheat we cut down in a wheat field just down the road.  The sparkly Ting Ting I found on clearance for 10 cents per bundle at walmart after XMas.  The rocks & vase I got at the dollar store.  Total cost = $2.01 a piece. (It's winter here in MT, so please imagine these with real sunflowers)
DIY photo 5DIY photo 6DIY photo 7
Card Box
DIY photo 8
Thank You Cards
Not really a DIY, but I just love this idea. 
DIY photo 9


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Travis proposed to me for the first time when I was 16.  We had every intention of getting married, but I was young and wanted to have a long engagement.  One year led to another and before you knew it, we were having kids and getting married just fell to the back burner.  This year he re-proposed with the ring of my dreams.  I could not get a very good pic of it so I stole one off of JCPenny's web site.  It's 1ct and a BIG upgrade from my first.  :)  I just love it.

Rings photo 1

Travis is a Journeyman Plumber and swears he will never wear a ring.  He really just wants a tatoo of my name on his ring finger, but for the wedding I am getting him something like this barbed wire ring from for $30.

Rings photo 2


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Maid of Honor - Trinity

Bridal Party photo 1

Bridesmaid - Echo

Bridal Party photo 2

Bridesmaid - Leah

Bridal Party photo 3

Bridesmaid - Catherine

Bridal Party photo 4

Best Man - Matt


Groomsman - JD

Bridal Party photo 5

Groomsman - Nolan

Bridal Party photo 6

Groomsman - Evan


Groomsman - Paul


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I want my cake to be just like this one only with a few sunflowers on the bottom and an "E" monogram on the top.

Let them eat cake photo 1