Dec 06, 2009

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A few pics just to wet the appetite photo 1 A few pics just to wet the appetite photo 2A few pics just to wet the appetite photo 3A few pics just to wet the appetite photo 4A few pics just to wet the appetite photo 5A few pics just to wet the appetite photo 6

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22 1/2 months of planning came and went in a flash.

Here is the final week and day of recap as well as words of advice that I am sooo glad I listened to from other PW Brides and planning moms....I hope I can add to their wise words.

The week of was really busy with all the little last minute stuff that you can't do until the final flowers, stuffing chocolate mints in favor boxes...oh did I say flowers???

On Sunday, 1 week before the wedding, I bought 132 Poinsettia's from Lowes....They gave me a great price because I bought so many. They came in the shipping boxes and me not having any color thumb, including green....I do the right thing and ask for care instructions. He tells me to water them about 1/2 cup of water about ever 2 days or so.....We painstakingly pulled down the plastic wrapper, water the dirt...being very careful to not get water on the petals....pulled the wrappers back up and put them back in their boxes. Tuesday, some of the leaves aren't looking so great. They aren't going black and dropping off, so I know I'm not over watering them...but somethin' is up! Wednesday I made a trip to San Francisco Flower Mart to buy flowers for BM bouquets, mine and corsages for the mom's...... I have a few stops to make on my way home home so I hurry through the flower mart and hit the road again. By the time I get home...6 hours have past with no water to the pretty petals. We cut them back and pray for the best...My mom is making the bouquets on Friday. Thursday I did everything right...except I was suppose to remove the wrappers, but that was not part of the instructions....98 out of 132 were replaced...Oh and by Friday night....the flower mart flowers bit the to Costco in the morning.


TIP #1....COSTCO flowers were only $4 more per 2 dozens and were better flowers than the flower mart!

TIP #2...bring a bucket with water with you just in case you are delayed.

Saturday night, the girls and I check in to our the time I actually got there to go to bed it was 1 AM....but the wedding is at 3...all is good!

SUNDAY FUNDAY......OMG We are getting married. I start the day at the gym with a great work out and get my endorphins fired up to keep me going...oh...and a starbucks!

Our MUA gets there and starts going to town on the BM at 9.....I am last and the photog is coming at 1:30.....

Not to worry...We were done and ready to rock and roll to put on my dress and do our girl pics!

The BM's looked amazing! (3 of 5)

GOIN TO THE CHAPEL photo 2 My sister, God Daughter and MOH/Best Friend

TIP #3....don't have more than just the necessary peeps in your's way too hectic.

TIP #4....take a few minutes out for you in quit WITHOUT anyone present...other than your photog. It's a great way to catch your breath and re-group and your photog will also get some great shots of you during this.

TIP#5...block your photog out of your mind....forget they are there.

When I got my dress on, my veil on, my shoes on and my fur wrap, I stepped into the full length mirror with just me and my photog. I couldn't believe the reflection I was a dream reflection of what I hoped I would look like on my wedding day. I lost it. I never knew I could look that pretty.

Fortunately the Fairmont Hotel is one building over from the Church...the weather held out so we walked! It was wonderful watching everyone slow down or stop as the girls and I made our way up the street. I felt like a princess! felt like the QUEEN!

In fact one little girl said "Look's the snow queen"...

The rest of our day is a whirl wind.....I have just a few picture memories in my head.

I remember the doors opening and seeing DH waiting for me. He looked amazing and truly had the biggest grin on his face I have ever seen. My brother walked me down the isle to San Francisco's "Bell Appeal" Handbell ringers playing Trumpet Tune. It was surreal!

TIP #6...don't let your emotions get the best of you. My mom, coming from a warm heart, started mentioning something about my dad being present. ( he died 1 1/2 years ago) I was already over emotional and having a hard time with him NOT being there and I snapped at her to not talk about him.....I really hurt her feelings and made her cry....check the emotions girls! one sees your shoes during the wedding so wear something comfy...especially if you are having a full mass! Change them afterwards!

I remember looking at our family and friends and seeing how BEAUTIFUL everyone looked. Our colors were Black, White, Red and silver and it seemed that everyone dressed with those colors in mind. It was wonderful. The BP was all in Black/Red...they looked fantastic!

GOIN TO THE CHAPEL photo 3 My nephew, my son, my God Daughter

I knew I would miss the start of the wedding and I would also just see it through my tunnel vision and not the whole thing so I hired a videographer just for the wedding. Especially with the hadbell ringers. They started with Carol of the Bells. I can only imagine it was beautiful...hence the video

TIP#7...even if you can't afford a videographer...get one. Your head will be spinning and you won't be able to take everything in. If you can't afford it, get in touch with a student from your local college that is studying film....That's what we did...we traded his time for free food and booze at the reception. Even if it's not edited super professionally, we get to at least see our own wedding!

After the wedding it was pictures, BP pictures, our pictures.....not to mention all the wedding duties.....I know you have heard it from others and now you get to hear it from me......It passes you by in a flash....I remember walking it the reception and the next thing I knew, the DJ was announcing last dance of the night.....WHOLLY COW....WERE DID IT ALL GO!

TIP#8...have your engagement photo's done with your photographer you will be using for your wedding. It gives them a chance to know how to shot you and DH and how to coach you along the way.

TIP#9...Make sure your MOH keeps your wedding look in check....seriously...tell her to always keep an eye on your makeup and hair....blot your face, put on more lipstick, fix droopy hair. The last thing you want is pictures with a really shinny face

TIP #10....Good vendors make it good, GREAT vendors make it effortless. We had the best...Chef James Aptakin from Layers of Flavor in Fairfield served a 3 course meal complete with Lobster Bisque soup, Ahi Ceviche, Grilled Sea Bass and Braised Short Ribs.....

DJ David Gomez of SOUNDWAVE DJ not only kept us on time for the "WEDDING STUFF" but ROCKED THE HOUSE with a great playlist!

Becky from Art of Emotion Photography not only kept us all at ease with her style but helped build our timeline to make the night flow perfect. I can't wait to see our pictures. I know they will be amazing.

Have a day of coordinator at least. Someone who can see your image of your wedding as you do. Someone who can handle mega stress and other vendors. Someone who will make your day perfect.

TIP #11....Your day will be perfect even if things are forgotten. However it turns out is just perfect.....remember it's only a day in the life of....and has NOTHING to do with your marriage.


I'll post pics as soon as we get them!

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We finally made it to City Hall so we can make it legal!

Today I became excited!

They ll give anyone a license photo 1

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 Saw this on funnee951's Bio, who saw it on Lupe77's Bio, that made it to MY Bio is exactly what we want but with a Black Velvet Ribbon with Crystal pendant and this cake topper 5".

Oh So Pretty photo 1 Single Monogram. Font: Renaissance


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I saved these in to PUBLISHER for use in copy/paste.....But you need publisher.....

PM me if you want them!

Flourishes to Share photo 1 Flourishes to Share photo 2 Flourishes to Share photo 3

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Let me introduce you to Matthew Christopher's Roman Holiday.....


I came across a design of his in Martha Stewart's Wedding magazine and fell in love with the feminity if the lines. His dresses are not the cookie cutter styles of some other designers. 

There is only 1 store in Northern California that carries his designs...Starlet Bridal in Santa Rosa....HIGHLY recommend - 5 out of 5 stars for me! 

The dress in the magazine that brought me in "Lalique" was not available yet. But they had several others of his collections. I tried on 5 of them. 

What they say is don't find the dress, the dress finds you.

I am not a girly girl. I don't get overly emotional over things...especially a dress...until I put her on. From the lines of the dress to the hand beading and the feel of the satin....I was hooked!

It wasn't until my 2nd trip to try her on that the "Christmasy" detailing of the dress caught my was just a whole other reason it was meant to be mine.

From a website on me...backside (ignore the back's now gone!) =0)

Here she Is THE Dress photo 1Here she Is THE Dress photo 2


bottom back of dress bottom front of dress

Here she Is THE Dress photo 3Here she Is THE Dress photo 4 has a sweetheart neckline

Here she Is THE Dress photo 5 Here she Is THE Dress photo 6