Aug 01, 2009

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Nothing special we have been dating for some time.. Week Of April 6th, 2008 my now FI had been picking stupid arguments all week long to get me mad.. I was so upset I had been planning with my mom that if this continued I was going to have to move out of  the house we rented... April 8th my FI came home, while i was doing the dishes and he said i bought you something special today, I was very upset and didn't really care was just like oh really??? I doubt it.. He walked up behind me and had his hands behind his back... I was like ya right you didn't get me anything you are just being stupid... Well turns out he asked me to marry him right there!! I was soooo fricken happy!!!!

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Gosh... This has been like hell for me to figure out who actully is gonna be responsible and be in our wedding that we can rely on...

BM -- Casey Stoven : good Friend
Groomsman -- Kyle Pascavis : Friend
Drew Galdeen : Cousin
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The girls that will stand for me on:

MOH -- Tessa : Friend
Bridesmaids -- Jessica : Sister
Stacy: Grooms Sister
Melissa : Friend
Jennifer : Friend
JR. Bridesmaid -- Teegan : Grooms Sister

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