Aug 30, 2008

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  Chad was a radio reporter in Jacksonville, FL and I was teaching elementary art in Sioux City, IA.  Chad had sent me a myspace message asking what there is to do for fun in Sioux City, and my response was not much!  We started having long conversations through myspace and Chad was leaving Jacksonville to take his first tv reporting gig in Sioux City.  Chad was trying to persuade me into meeting hime for about a month, and then I finally caved and we met in April.  We met at this dive Mexican truck stop type cafe for an early (4pm) dinner.  The food was really greasy and cheap.  I remember thinking on our date, I hope he doesn't think I am eating too much-having a plate of nachos and a flour entomatada.  I wasn't quite sure what to think of him, I thought he was cute, smart, and we had a great conversation.  When we were done, we walked out to our cars and noticed we both had Honda Civics!

  The summer came and early June I went back to my home town of Watertown, SD.  I worked for my Dad at his jewelry store.  Chad and I kept in touch through email and phone, and 1 weekend Chad drove up to see me the end of July.  After I returned in August we continued to see eachother and became a couple in September.

  July of 2006 I came down to Mobile, AL where Chad began working since Memorial weekend.  Chad proposed January 12, 2008!  He was insistant that I check my myspace and I told him that I don't waste my time with that on the weekend.  So, I agreed to check it and he sent this silly message at 6:07pm titled Can You Believe on myspace:

We found perfect happiness through myspace? Perfect love, perfect kindness. you are so special to me. You've given me gifts I can never repay. You've given me attention I can never match and love I can barley meet. You give so much. I want to show you that I want to be w/ you for ever. You make me feel so lucky. You make me happy everyday.

Say.... there's something I forgot to give you under my bed, why don't you go get it?

  So, here I am crawling on my hands and knees looking under his bed.  Then, he takes the box and kneels down and proposed!  Of course I said yes!