May 31, 2009

Elite Entertainment
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I've been planning my wedding from across the country, so a lot of it has been done over the phone and email. The first and only DJ we talked with was Turner Hayes from Elite Entertainment and we were quite impressed. We talked with him over the phone. My fiance was unsure of why it would cost over a thousand dollars for a DJ, but he said after talking with him he was much more comfortable paying that much (which I assured him was a pretty average rate). The DJ explained everything he would do throughout the day and gave examples of how he might say various things (e.g. introductions, toasts, telling guests whether or not they can take home centerpieces, etc.) He had a sense of humor, which I think is what won my fiance over. But at the same time he was quite professional. He was comprehensive in the questions he asked about what kind of music we do and do not want and gave us many things to think about. He also responded promptly to my emails, which may be a small factor, but is always appreciated. We had another DJ we were planning on calling afterward, but decided to just go ahead with Elite Entertainment.
Services used: DJ

La Patisserie
( 4.6 / 5.0 )
We ordered a two tiered cake from here for our wedding. It was delicious (strawberry and custard) and would have been perfect, except for a small mix-up. At one point they called to ask if we wanted them to put flowers from our florist on the cake (like we had originally discussed). Since I wasn't getting extra flowers anymore I said they should just do flowers in frosting instead. The message never got passed on though so my cake arrived with no flowers of any kind on it. Luckily my sister just grabbed some flowers from the arrangements outside and made it look not so bare. So overall my experience with them was good, except for that.
Services used: Wedding Cake