Oct 10, 2009

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Heirloom Beaded Lace on Vintage Lace Wedding Garter Set

Heirloom Venice Wedding Lace Garter Set with Inner Secret Something Blue

Soft Candle Venice Heirloom Garter Set with Tiffany Blue Satin and Satin Bow and Pearl Flower Centerings

An Etsy Treasury Page Featured Garter  For the Bride You Are Exquisite and Beyond Beautiful an Heirloom Beaded Lace on Vintage Lace Wedding Garter

Heirloom Ivory Venice Lace Garter Set

LADY ANTOINETTE  wedding garter A PETERENE exclusive ORIGINAL design


RESERVE ORDER for chelsearay496 SWEET VINTAGE set GARTERS keepsake and toss LIMITED EDITION ivory

Simply Elegant garter PLATINUM and BLACK  for MY LADY wedding or boudoir

*All these garters were found on  Peterene, gramasa, & garter lady.

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My Shoes photo 1

I need a huge heel since I'm 5'6" and Matt's 6'4". 

Miss Me Vernice-30 Platform Pump

Could be my something blues???


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My Babies Fur photo 1

Oscar, Louise, Gertrude, & Thelma. 

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Mine! I haven't bought this but I'm thinking I'm going to because I can't stop thinking about it and I have a vision in my head with the parasol and my rhianna. :)  Such a beauty, she's from: she has an awesome selection and they are all gorgeous. Check them out!! :)

Other accessories photo 1

The girls in the color ivory or the lace black, I think it's super sharp:

Other accessories photo 2Other accessories photo 3

 Lace Parasol:

Plain Ivory Parasol & Lace Fan:






Other accessories photo 4

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Wedding, Cake, Gold

I found this cake somewhere on project wedding and I LOVE It.  I wanted cupcakes but the concensus from most baking sites is they are tacky for weddings.... i know right.. How could they??? Anywho, this is our main dessert and I am hoping I can incorporate them in other areas.  :)

I'm stuck though because I love this idea too....

Cake photo 1


Ahh... decisions decisions....

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I love the huge cream rose bouquets, but I am really starting to love these guys:

Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2