Nov 07, 2009

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Hi ladies... Firstly, despite the great picture, I'm not marrying Elvis!  This photo was taken the night of my engagement.  My fiance, Mr. C, planned a surprise proposal surrounded by friends in a great restaurant in Red Bank, NJ.  With the help of our best man, he pulled it off!  I thought we were getting together for a holiday dinner then some dancing at a nearby club, little did I know he had the engagement ring tucked away in his jacket pocket. 

Following a great dinner, BM, had champagne brought to the table, made a lovely toast to the holidays, and then asked if anyone wanted to say something.  With that, Mr. C turned to me, ring on his pinkie, and asked if I would marry him!!!  I was in complete shock, and at that moment didn't realize that the entire restaurant staff and those at surrounding tables had paused to look and listen.  I didn't speak for a good 2 to 3 minutes, and had to be prompted to give an answer, which of course, was yes!!! What made the proposal even more fun was that not all of the friends at the table knew it was coming, and they too were as surprised as I!

Though we had been discussing marriage for quite some time, I really didn't expect a proposal around the holidays, especially having been married before, and proposed to on Christmas Day the first time around, Mr. C. knew that I would think that was a bad omen.  So, the 20th of December worked out just fine.  I never suspected he would propose in front of people, as he gets very nervous when speaking in public, and this too added to the unexpectedness of it all.

My ring is just beautiful (I'll post a pic later), very different from my first engagement ring, a solitarie in white gold, in a Tiffany setting.

Following the proposal we headed over to a local club, where we stumbled upon Elvis (at least Red Bank's version of Elvis) and knew we had to get a picture with him.  We danced and celebrated, and had a great, great night.  Later, Mr. C. and I both agreed that we hope to have as much fun at our wedding as we did the night of the proposal.

Mr. C and I have both been married before, I for 21 years, and two children; he, for 12 years, no children.  We have known each other for sometime, but were just friends, each of us going through our "own lives".  Our relationship just kind of happened, and though we have had a few "bumps in the road", we couldn't be happier.

Our wedding date is set for November 7, 2009.

I'm hoping to post throughout the planning process, and love reading many of the other posts here on PW.