Oct 31, 2009

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Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I am 24 years old.  I am a full-time student at Darton College in Albany GA.  I am working towards my Photographic Arts degree and my Early Childhood Education degree.  I have been engaged since April 29, 2007 to the man of my dreams, Bryan.  We have been together for 2 years so far and have lived together through most of our relationship(which I am very grateful for).  We have a beautiful little girl named Lizzy.  She is currently almost 11 months old and she will be a year and half when we get married.  She is going to be our flower girl.

A little info on when and where we are getting married:

We are getting married on Halloween but it will NOT be a Halloween wedding.  It is a fall-themed wedding.  Our colors are Chocolate, Champagne, Ivory and Accented with Red.

We will be getting married outside at my parents house and then having the reception in the town that we both grew up in. 

There will be no beer, wine or anything of the sort whatsoever at our reception because we don't want a few people to go crazy with it.  The reception will be by invitation only because we are paying for most of our wedding with a little help from my parents.

I would really like some help from different brides or ladies that have gotten married.  I am struggling and trying to do a lot of things on my own and could also use the ideas that someone might can give.  HELP!!! lol...

I will give more details later because right now I have to head back home to pick up my little girl from my mother's house.