Jun 20, 2009

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I know it's been almost 6 months but here I go.

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So this past week, which I like to call 3 weeks to go, I did a lot of DIY projects, some new and last minute. Others planned and behind schedule. At this point some are not complete. But I will post photos as they are done.

Bubble Tags

This wasn't so bad because they sell the tabs at Michael's all I had to do was go to this website and download the template. Update it to what I wanted and hit print. The difficult part became finding tiny purple ribbon. SO I bought white and dyed it. It's more of a grape than I wanted. But I figure it's for the end of the night exit, so who is going to compare shades of purple?

DIY everyday photo 1DIY everyday photo 2

Ceremony Programs

Obviously not an original idea. I borrowed this from PWer Nicole, who has a lovely article in the guide on how to make these. I have been working on my programs since we first met with the church 8 months ago. So it has been a lot easier project. I had the specifications already planned and the supplies already tested. They are a bit time consuming because I have to cut the paper to the right height for that staircase appearance. But it is all worth it. I love how they tie in with my invitations. Also I was able to add that silver, that has been oh so missing from this wedding.

DIY everyday photo 3DIY everyday photo 4

Soon to come....

Place Card Table Tree

I loved Genae's tree, so I tried to find a way to make a replica for myself. My first try was very whimsical but not quite classy and elegant.

Here is my bad first try:

DIY everyday photo 5

This is my masterpiece:

DIY everyday photo 6DIY everyday photo 7


  1. Silver Spray Paint
  2. Dried Branches purchased at Hobby Lobby
  3. Terracotta looking flower pot
  4. Green foam circle
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. dazzle crystals
  7. aluminum foil
  8. Crystals on wire

So I spray painted the branches and flower pot silver. I covered the green circle foam in aluminum foil (the dull side. Then I pushed the circle foam into the pot, it was the right size so it only fits at the top. I arranged the branches in the foam. Then I wrapped some of the crystals on wire on it. Then I hot glued the loose dazzle crystals in various places on the branches. Then I glued a bunch of dazzles across my aluminum foil, as if the tree grew from crystal dirt. And wa la, I have my tree.


Card Box

DIY everyday photo 8


Place Cards

Menu Cards

Bouquet Vases

I DO cake table letters

DIY everyday photo 9

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I thought for sure I'd be freaked out by all that is left to do. But I'm not. I am excited that it will be all said and done soon. I have a schedule in front of me to attack my to do list with avengence. Nothing will stand in my way of getting to that day. Even if there are no OOT bags, perfect centerpieces or food for that matter. As long as I am getting married to him.

So to 30 days I say bring it on..... weird how much calmer I am than I was at 2 months. Maybe I'll freak out when it's only a week. Who knows? All I know is I am getting married.

We got this beauty a month before the big day. It actually took forever (3 hrs) becasue the computer system was down. But we waited and now it's official.

30 days left photo 1

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Love the eyes, and I apologize for the expressions I am making, don't take photos well. Really happy with how my skin looks in the photos. I had no real idea what I wanted. Just that I like Kelly Rowland's make up and Rihanna when it's toned down. So we tried what I wanted and only have ot make one change. We aren't doing the lip liner and just using a soft pink on the lips.

Make Up Trial photo 1Make Up Trial photo 2

Make Up Trial photo 3Make Up Trial photo 4




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Location: Marriot Suites Midtown (7 to 9pm)

Fuego (9 to 11pm)

Cosmo Lava (11 to 2am)

It was a blast. My MOH did such a great job. We had a suite to pregame at and then to return to once I was wasted. Dinner at Fuego was awesome. The VIP booth we had at Cosmo just capped the night. I got to dance and chill with my girls. What more can a girl ask for.



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Thank you to GoingtobeGoff for this idea!!!! I basically took all your ideas for this book and they were fabulous. I love that there are so many creative and talented people like you on PW or my wedding would be so boring and blah.

It was so easy to make, and the little yellow triangles of death that popped up when my pictures were too small were wrong. Everything came out perfectly. Now all I need is a fancy pen for this. I think guests will love signing it and seeing pictures of us. And I know that I now will look at my guest book for years to come. yeah!!!

The book is a silver gray linen, so it feels soft, but is a hard cover (did not have to pay extra for that). Also the grey will go well with our wedding colors.

(I apologize for my poor picture taking skills. I don't know how to avoid the glare in the below photos of the book)

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