Apr 23, 2011

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We have officially booked Russo's on the Bay as our location!!  We are super excited and cannot wait for the bridal shows and tastings :-) 

Russo's on The Bay

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We had the lovely pleasure of working with Tina Sbrigato for our E-Pics!!  She is a web designer and photographer who is building her wedding portfolio.  Although it was a cloudy and hazy day, they turned out great.  We love our pics!!! Thank you Tina!

You can see her work here: http://www.fahrenheitnyc.com/

Engagement Pics photo 1

Engagement Pics photo 2Engagement Pics photo 3

Engagement Pics photo 4Engagement Pics photo 5

Engagement Pics photo 6Engagement Pics photo 7

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I am learning how to create these so I will post them as they come:

Our Monogram photo 1Our Monogram photo 2

Our Monogram photo 3Our Monogram photo 4


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Here are some pics of my ring!  I just got a new camera so I am trying it out!  (please excuse my dusty figurine...lol)

The Ring photo 1The Ring photo 2

The Ring photo 3The Ring photo 4


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Update (2/8/10):

It's official!!!  We will be getting married on April 23, 2011!!  We booked our venue yesterday and now it has become that much more real.  I have once again started to do my research to figure out what I might want.  I don't have a clue of what color theme I want but I do know that we both want our wedding to represent our love for each other.  We want it to be romantic and fun!! 

I will keep you all posted on my progress.  There is also alot of DIY stuff that I want to do so I will be reaching out to my dear brides for some suggestions!!  Stayed tuned!

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Every year for our anniversary (May 6) Juan and I go to Miami to celebrate.  Last year on our 3 yr anniversay, I called my best friend and told him "I am going to propose to Juan while we are here".  He was completely in shock and talked me out of it.  All he said was "Judie, I know he loves you and I know he loves you enough to marry you so don't take that moment away from him".  I have to admit, I was a bit bummed because I was so ready to make that move and felt like I was going to burst if I didn't ask but I decided to just chill...lol. 

My birthday is in July so we usually have a BBQ in a park.  We invited all our friends and family headed to the park.  After laying out for a while and having water balloon fights, we both decided to change into dry clothes and get ready to just relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon chatting up with friends.  As I was sitting next to some friends a friend of ours came over and asked if I can help him with something by the grill.  As I walked over with him, Juan came over and said that he needed to ask me something, when I turned around to let my friend know that I would return, he was gone so I turned around to Juan and he was holding these 3 stones that I gave him when we started dating.  He asked me "Babe, do you remember when you gave these to me and you told me that these stones represented our love for each other?", I said "uh-huh" (with my mouth full of potato salad :-)) then he said "well now I have this to give to you as my declaration of love and want to know if you want to spend the rest of your life with me?" (as he whipped out the box and ring).  That's when I realized what he had just done, so I threw my potato salad on the table and started crying.  I looked at him and said "Yes, yes, yes!". We both cried and let me tell you, I never saw it coming.  He did a great job at hiding it.  He also didn't tell anyone when he was going to do it so it was a surprise for everyone there also. Talk about a great birthday...unforgettable!!!

The Proposal photo 1  The Proposal photo 2  The Proposal photo 3The Proposal photo 4