Jul 17, 2010

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We went for our menu tasting on Sunday, March 7, 2010 and had a fabulous time! The food was absolutely DELECTABLE and the service was spectacular. Here are some pictures!

Hors d'oeuvres

Smoked Salmon Roses with Dark Rye Bread and Dill Cream & Roasted Tomato Bruschetta with Basil Foam

RECEPTION The Food photo 1   RECEPTION The Food photo 2

Wild Salmon and Leek Fondue Wellington & Crab Cakes with Salsa Verde

RECEPTION The Food photo 3   RECEPTION The Food photo 4

Mini Beef and Bocconcini Burgers & Spicy Pork Lettuce Wraps

RECEPTION The Food photo 5   RECEPTION The Food photo 6



Belgian Endive and Watercress Salad
Toasted Pecans, Blue Cheese and Port Orange Vinaigrette

RECEPTION The Food photo 7

Romaine Hearts and Cracked Capers
Walnut Dressing, Roasted Apple and Shaved Asiago

RECEPTION The Food photo 8    RECEPTION The Food photo 9



Seared Filet of Wild BC Sockeye Salmon
Pommes Dauphinoise, Seasonal Vegetables and Orange Chive Butter Sauce

RECEPTION The Food photo 10

Butternut Squash and Green Peppercorn Ravioli
Parsnip Purée, Sage Brown Butter, Rapini and Parmesan

RECEPTION The Food photo 11

Mascarpone Stuffed Free Run Chicken Breast
Seasonal Vegetables, Button Onions, Rosemary and Chestnut Honey Jus

RECEPTION The Food photo 12

Grilled Rib Eye Steak
Pont-Neuf Potato, Chanterelles and Seasonal Vegetables

RECEPTION The Food photo 13

And here are some pictures of us and the view! Amazingly..it was snowing at the top..and we couldn't see ANYTHING from our seats :( But after 15 minutes the weather cleared and we had an amazing view of the city.

RECEPTION The Food photo 14

BEFORE                                                               AFTER

RECEPTION The Food photo 15   RECEPTION The Food photo 16



The Food PART II

We weren't satisfied with the hor d'oeuvres tasting we had the first time - so we scheduled a second tasting.

Here are the pictures:

Scallop Tartar with Shiso and Radish Sprouts & Asparagus with Proscuitto and Asiago

RECEPTION The Food photo 17     RECEPTION The Food photo 18

Vegetable and Pickled Daikon Spring Rolls with Sesame Dressing & Garlic and Roasted Pepper Crostini

RECEPTION The Food photo 19     RECEPTION The Food photo 20

Spicy Chicken Empanaditas with Green Chili & Caramelized Onion and Thyme Quiche

RECEPTION The Food photo 21     RECEPTION The Food photo 22

Beef Skewers with Cilantro Peanut Pesto & Vegetable Samosas with Tamarind Chutney

RECEPTION The Food photo 23     RECEPTION The Food photo 24

     Pomegranate Marinated Grilled Lamb loin with Tabouleh

       RECEPTION The Food photo 25



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Here is what I've purchased so far to make my inspiration come alive!

DECOR The Sweetest Thing Part II photo 1   DECOR The Sweetest Thing Part II photo 2

My moroccan lanterns for the balcony and other tables. Total purchased includes
6 of the large and 10 of the small.

DECOR The Sweetest Thing Part II photo 3   DECOR The Sweetest Thing Part II photo 4

I purchased these little butterfly cut outs from Etsy to use on my placecards.

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As previously noted - I'm technically a 5 dress bride.

Here are the two that didn't make the cut!

The Dresses That Didn t Make It photo 1 The Dresses That Didn t Make It photo 2

*SIGH* Oh how I still love this dress. Unfortunately the seller I purchased this from LOST the dress and *poof*...so much for dress #2!

The Dresses That Didn t Make It photo 3 

In my haste to replace the long lost gown - I purchased this. It was a replica gown that I thought I could wear for the ceremony. Boy..oh...BOY do I regret this purchase! The workmanship was HORRIBLE (but honestly, I should have known it would be). So...what to do with this gown....WHO KNOWS! I'm not willing to sell it b/c I'd hate to pass it on to an unsuspecting bride..so..maybe it'll be used for a TTD!

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I bought her! It's a JS Boutique dress from Nordstrom and I can't wait to wear her :)

The Dress Part III photo 1     The Dress Part III photo 2

With THESE shoes and THESE earrings!

The Dress Part III photo 3     The Dress Part III photo 4

I got my reception dress today!!!! Sorry for the bad pictures..there was no one home so I had to resort to taking a picture using the mirror..lol

It's a bit big under the bust area...so I may consider taking it in a bit. Trying to show my earring with the dress..lol

The Dress Part III photo 5     The Dress Part III photo 6

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Here is Part I of DH's wedding present! Since I added butterflies as part of our wedding decor he wanted something HONDA related. *smacks head* To appease him I got him these cuff links!

The Gifts photo 1

I purchased my MOH's jewelry and a Coach mini-wallet.

The Gifts photo 2     The Gifts photo 3

The Gifts photo 4

Gifts for my FSIL's and my SIL.

The Gifts photo 5

I'm slowly starting to incorporate butterflies into our wedding - and I thought this was such a sweet and simple necklace that will work with their dresses.

Gifts for MOB & MOG.

The Gifts photo 6     The Gifts photo 7

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I fell in LOVE with these inspiration pictures from Style Me Pretty. They are of Moroccan lamps and silver butterflies! I love love LOVE this look and would like to incorporate it into the decor on the deck at our venue.

   DECOR The Sweetest Thing photo 1

DECOR The Sweetest Thing photo 2

DECOR The Sweetest Thing photo 3

DECOR The Sweetest Thing photo 4