Jul 17, 2010

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Venue - Grouse Mountain

Engagement Session 1 Photographer - Ashley Lena Photography

Engagement Session 2 & Wedding Photographer - Generation Photography

Wedding Coordinators & Cake - Elements Modern Weddings

Wedding Gown - Milly Bridal

DJ - DJ Dancin' Dave

Hair & Make Up - Angela & Jeri

Florist - Proline Trading International

Videographer - Fairytale Productions

Maid & Matron of Honor Dresses - Dress Code Formal

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I think I've changed my mind about 1,000,000,001 times but I've finally settled on floral arrangements similar to this:

Inspiration Floral photo 1 

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What I imagine I would look like on my big day CARTOON STYLE!

I don't know what my dress will look like yet - so there are two versions of myself :D

My Cartoon Alternate Ego photo 1 My Cartoon Alternate Ego photo 2

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So - in keeping with our wedding colors I'd like for my Maid and Matron of Honor to wear hot pink/fuschia. Aside from wanting them to wear the same color, I wanted both my Maid and Matron to wear something different b/c they're two different people. Here are the two dresses I have picked out for them so far - I hope they like them just as much as I do!

MOH The Dresses photo 1     MOH The Dresses photo 2

Both of these dresses are from www.dresscodeformal.com and were introduced to me by the lovely Soon2bMrsW.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UPDATE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My girls wound up picking different dresses. I finally ordered them tonight!

I hope they turn out ok!

MOH The Dresses photo 3  MOH The Dresses photo 4

This is the color the dress will be in (hot pink chiffon).

MOH The Dresses photo 5


Feb. 28, 2010

The dresses are HERE! I *finally* got them after 3 months of waiting! The quality is really good. The color is exactly as shown on the website - but..it still struck me as bright. Here they are!

MOH The Dresses photo 6 MOH The Dresses photo 7

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So, to honor my background I'll be wearing a qi pao/cheongsam. So, since I have a great love for shoes - that was the FIRST thing I purchased for the outfit.

Traditional Chinese Dress photo 1     Traditional Chinese Dress photo 2

I'm going to order my outfit from efushop (http://www.efushop.com) since other ladies on PW had such a great experience with them.

Here's the one I plan on ordering.

Traditional Chinese Dress photo 3

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I initially wanted to DIY my pocket fold invitations (hey, doing graphic design work all day long at work I thought I'd be able to do it)...but after reviewing the cost of DIY'ing the invitations I decided against it. I just didn't want to put so much effort into something that people would simply throw away. So, I MADE FI go to Michael's with me while we were in the States and I wound up buying two boxes of these beauties :D.

These invites are from Gartner Studios and they were on SALE! They are on a textured 80lb white card stock with silver flourishes. The envelopes are a gorgeous metallic silver. I also purchased a wax stamp kit (also by Gartner Studios) from craigslist. I really can't wait to get started on these babies! (http://www.gartnerstudios.com/node/2319 link to print on invitation).

The Invitations photo 1     The Invitations photo 2

The Invitations photo 3     The Invitations photo 4


After procrastinating for a month I finally did a mock-up of our invitations!

I was originally going to completely DIY them...but...saw these at Michael's and couldn't pass them up! I added a splash of color with the fuschia/hot pink ribbon to personalize it.

Complete invitation

The Invitations photo 5   The Invitations photo 6

Actual invitation (with directions).

The Invitations photo 7

RSVP card & exterior label

The Invitations photo 8   The Invitations photo 9

(credit to al062606 b/c I "borrowed" her RSVP wording).